Your Bible donations DO matter Your Bible donations DO matter
Your Bible donations DO matter

A Pregnancy Center & Clinic

By Patrice Lewis

   One of the wonderful things we’re able to do at A Pregnancy Center & Clinic is offer the women who come through our door the message of hope in the Word of God. Every person we sit with is offered a free Bible, made possible by those of you who donate Bibles to us every month.

   Here is a testimony we received on May 3, 2018:

“I want to personally thank the staff. My child’s father was trying to coerce me to have an abortion. The Bible I was given helped me tremendously. When telling the father and getting his reaction I was completely lost. Lost is an understatement. I made an appointment at the (abortion) clinic in Baton Rouge. It was absolutely heartbreaking. I knew then that it (abortion) wasn’t something that I could personally choose to do.

   I chose to cut out the father and choose my baby. Ya’ll really helped me to stand firm and to be excited to become a mother. I opened my Bible and started reading to those in need. I was admitted into Oschner Medical Center for a “mental break.” The Bible was a comfort in there.  

   As crazy as it sounds I found my voice. I made a friend who was just as lost as myself inside of Oshner. She found her faith and was reading God’s scripture by the end of my stay. A family friend of mine now owns the Bible ya’ll gave me. He’s near death and found God. He brings the Bible every time he knows he will see me and I read scriptures to him. He has dementia and loses his place.

   I cannot thank ya’ll enough for all that A Pregnancy Center has done for me. Ya’ll’s love and understanding has helped people reconnect to their faith. It’s truly beautiful and I will be forever grateful. I cannot wait to be a mother. Thank you.”

Donate Bibles at 913 S. College Rd., Ste. 206, Lafayette, and join us for our Block Party to learn more!

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