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A new generation of praise

By Adonis Stevens 

   My name is Adonis Stevens, I’m better known as rap artist YADAH. I get my motivation for rapping from my dad. I learned to compose songs and it compelled me to do more; it encouraged me to go further. I saw him rapping and I saw how much fun he was having while on stage, so I began to create my songs with my dad’s assistance and eventually doing it on my own.  

   Rapping had started as just something fun at one time, but it became a passion and I started to get better at it. At the age of 12, I entirely committed my life to God, and I was prepared to sow for Him. I read that when you do something it has to be in glorification unto God. So, I decided that my rap would celebrate God.  

   When I write now, I write lyrics that have purpose and meaning to them. Although it may not say God in every line, it’s wholly and entirely in his name. When I perform now, I use it as a means to reclaim people from the wickedness of this world, and I always have a word when ending my performance. I want to reach young people my age and with my anointing, and I want to inspire them and lead them in a successful direction.  

Now you can find my music on Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple Music and more. 

Instagram: @_adonis_stevens_ Facebook: @Yadah_annointed