Covenant Spotlight
Worship in spirit and truth! Worship in spirit and truth!
By Kenetra Saintilaire       The thought or action of worship has been sorely mistaken by what we hear musically. We take a song and... Worship in spirit and truth!

By Kenetra Saintilaire 

     The thought or action of worship has been sorely mistaken by what we hear musically. We take a song and we proclaim that it is worship, or we take a service and deem it as a worship service. However, it is nothing close to worship if the authenticity of the heart is untouched or not connected to Jesus.  

Filter for connection 

    They that worship Him, must worship him in spirit and truth. Your spirit is a place where man cannot touch or change. It is a place where only our creator should be allowed and anything else is an impostor. Society has so many things that grab one’s attention, so to be quiet or still with God becomes a state of feeling as if life moments are missed. However, spending time with God is the opposite of that and it is a way to filter out the noise around and wash off the leeches of life. 

    Worship is not the amount of great notes you sing or good keyboard strokes you play, but it is a giving away of yourself. It is not sticking to a program of events that make people “feel good” but leave with no connection to God. The perfection of something does not mean God was invited, it merely becomes a perfect event that was lifeless.

Table of the heart 

     Worship is like inviting someone to my home and setting up the table of my heart with decor of events that have happened. The good, bad, and ugly! At this table, words of the most intimate subjects appear with no shame attached. These subjects could be one that has been shoved away in a corner, because life has drowned out His voice.  

   It is a table of rest and communion and a sacred place. It is a place where no one can come but God and His children. The Father sits waiting for an authentic presence of who I am to show up. Not the person I show people to say “all is well,” but the one he already knows and yet he wants me to speak from the places that I dare not share with anyone.  

   At this table, the fulfillment of God’s plan brings hope, and eyes are opened to see clearly from the mud that covers vision. This is the great exchange where the beauty for ashes are given. This worship is surrounded by the song Zephaniah 3:17 speaks about. He sings over us, because it breaks open a place or places that tend to get clogged by untruths. From out of this worship experience come songs of Him. It produces a voice that sings, or fingers that provoke an instrument to make sounds.  

Counterculture worship 

   Here is where healing, love, restoration, life, and joy is expressed over all creation and mostly importantly to Him. These songs are developed from the spirit of God and the encounter that was experienced. In Him we find the truth of who He is and who we are. Our worship is counterculture, not to be mistaken with what is popular. 

   They that worship (God our Father) must worship Him not from our soulish feelings, but from our spirit that God himself created to be connected with Him, beyond this life in a secret place. 


Kenetra Saintilaire is WIFE to a redeeming, God-given husband Wendy Saintilaire—her kinsmen redeemer. She is a mother of 2 girls, Kennedy and Alyana Adams, with a sweet little surprise on the way. Kenetra loves Jesus, loves to share her testimony to whoever will listen, a writer, worshiper, and recording artist. In her heart of hearts, she imagines all of God’s children gathered to lead a nation into a place of awakening. God has called her to be one of many to lead people into freedom and bring life to the lifeless. The story she will forever tell is: she is redeemed, and her whole life breathes of the beauty of what has been given to her, to live and experience His love in a healthy way.