Without spot or wrinkle Without spot or wrinkle
Without spot or wrinkle

That is something to explore

By Minister Tommye L. Armstrong


In the midst of the storms in our lives, we as the Body of Christ should be in awe of why God hasn’t allowed those storms to consume us. We should be disgusted with ourselves because we have not done our job correctly—our role regarding how we have carried out the Great Commission. I cannot help to agree with Apostle Paul on what he states concerning his accomplishments and failures to be considered “dung” in Philippians 3:7-9

Those scriptures should relate to the majority of us within the Body of Christ. Honestly, we cannot take credit for anything that God has done through us via His Holy Spirit. We are to be mindful of kingdom purposes that He has charged us with so that signs and wonders may testify of who we are in Him.

If we are to fulfill the Great Commission adequately, it would be considered a miraculous step towards becoming a church “without spot or wrinkle”(Ephesians 5:27). This nation, its political climate and perhaps the world does not inspire one towards a positive outlook. The current state of society is best described as Epicurean at best, and God’s power is the only thing that destroys such a position.

We, as believers of God, have to be mindful of His Kingdom in these times. It is vital to our spiritual life to operate as His Holy Spirit dictates. The House of Logos Ministries is committed to the kingdom of God and its purpose. Encouraging others to consume more of the Word of God and developing more bold disciples for the Kingdom of God is the overall mission. Indeed, the laborers are few, and the harvest is great, but the Body of Christ is expected to become a church without spot or wrinkle.

This society is challenging, when considering its current state as it relates to God’s expectations, nevertheless, we as the Body of Christ have to stay true to Kingdom purposes. This includes our individual call and gifts that God has given us. His Word is final, despite what humanity does while being influenced by Satan.

The Bible states it clearly concerning our confession to Jesus Christ, saying “every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord”(Philippians 2:11), and how we should honor God while confessing to Him (Romans 14:11). To consider those scriptures is a genuine exploration when observing our local churches and the world.

Minister Tommye L. Armstrong, ordained in 2012, is the Founder/Teacher of the House of Logos Ministries, and has served 21 years in the Army Reserves. He and Yolonda, his wife of 18 years, have two sons, Ayden TJ, 10, and Joseph Mathyas, 4.

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