Why should I go to church? Why should I go to church?
Why should I go to church?

Perfection is impossible

By Kelly Mouisset


I asked a friend of mine if her husband was going to church with her and she replied, “Only if it is Christmas or Easter.” I grew up without an option. We went as a family. When I was old enough to choose on my own, I went because it was what I was taught to do.

I started thinking about reasons I have heard why people do not go: “Too many cliques,” “I like partying on the weekends,” “Soon as I get it together,” “They don’t take smokers,” “Jesus can’t forgive what I have done,” “Too many hypocrites in church,” “They act high and mighty on Sunday but live differently all week,” “I don’t want to go alone,” “I can’t find one that will accept me.” Any of these sound familiar to you? They do to me. I have said some, lived some and regretfully stayed away because of a few of them.

The Church is filled with all the above. You will find some hypocrites, liars, thieves, adulterers, murderers, partiers, smokers, and fakers. If you find a church with perfect people, RUN AWAY, something is wrong!!!

Anytime you are with other people for anything you will find different personalities. Just look at some of Jesus’ disciples. They were not perfect. They struggled believing in Jesus and Jesus walked with them. Some were too worried about money. They argued over who was better. He had a betrayer and a doubter among his followers. One denied him three times. So, why do you expect church people to be perfect?

Despite their imperfections, Jesus loved them and wanted them to be with him. Church is just like that—full of messed up people just trying to be next to Jesus. There are no perfect churches, just a bunch of imperfect people looking to a Savior for guidance. So, no more excuses accepted, invite someone, bring someone or just go by yourself—Jesus is waiting.


Proverbs 13:20:  “Walk with the wise and become wise, for a companion of fools suffers harm.”

Kelly Mouisset is the Director of One Minute Ministry, www.OneMinuteMinistry.net, which provides daily devotionals and family friendly events. She is the loving wife of Chris and mother of three amazing young men! 

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