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Our bodies were created by God with incredible design to detail. When we give the body what it needs to function properly, it has the miraculous ability to heal itself. The problem we run into is the fallen world we live in today. It is rought with environmental toxins and food-like substances that inhibit God’s design—our body.

Mainstream medicine nearly ignores the lymph system, but it is imperative to our wellness as God designed. The lymphatic system includes a vast network of valves and capillaries that transport lymph. Six to seven hundred lymph nodes are spaced throughout the body to collect and filter the lymph, and four lymphatic organs—the tonsils, thymus, spleen and appendix—produce white blood cells vital to the immune system.

A healthy lymphatic system can absorb and discharge unwanted body fat, carry away excess fluids and toxins and aid in healing challenges associated with all of the body’s systems. More specifically, it collects cellular waste products and debris from the tissues to eliminate toxins from the body.

The lymphatic system is like a highway—when congested, nothing moves, affecting every organ and cell in the body. When the body cannot eliminate toxic materials properly; it becomes an ideal environment for the onset of illness and disease, including cancer, heart disease and arthritis. Factors that can contribute to lymphatic blockage include chronic constipation, stress, improper diet, lack of exercise, inflammation and unexpressed emotions.

Detoxification, by reestablishing the free flow of lymph throughout the entire body, is vital part of any healing process. Lymphatic drainage therapy is a whole body approach. After the drain sites are opened, the natural flow of lymph is stimulated throughout the entire body by clearing the pathways. Once lymph flow is restored—an integral part of the immune system—it eliminates pain and congestion, and enhances the body’s natural healing ability.

Paradigm shift

For nine years Chris Simon searched for a diagnosis and treatment for his son who suffered with Lyme disease. Following his wife’s leading in knowing there was another way—God’s way, Chris began studying the incredible healing properties God designed into our bodies. They came to the lymphatic system and how to boost its ability to heal the body.

As they saw improvement in their son, friends and family began to ask for his help in their own healing journeys. Chris dove deeper into natural wellness protocols and even has his own line of essential oils. Along with lymphatic therapy, he offers cold pulse laser therapy, rapid release technology, essential oil therapy and kinesio taping. Each of these modalities support lymphatic therapy making it more effective and longer lasting and they have their own unique qualities that stand alone.

Conditions that may be improved by lymphatic drainage therapy, but are not limited to:

• edema and water retention
• acne
• eczema
• allergies
• menstrual cramps
• arthritis
• prostrate disorders
• ulcers
• breast lumps
• uterine fibroids
• parasites
• cancer
• respiratory disorder
• local infections
• inflammation
• cellulite
• migraine
• chronic headache
• trauma
• emphysema
• tinnitus
• sinus headaches, congestion
• intestinal blockage
• colitis
• tension
• stress
• mental confusion, emotional disorder

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