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What Makes Me Invisible What Makes Me Invisible
What Makes Me Invisible

Upcoming CD release from Zo Frank

   The inspiration behind my album is driven by the concept of perception versus reality. The title of my album is “What Makes Me Invisible,” and it’s a concept that I’ve been working with since 2013. I’m finally in a creative space to tell my story because often times people see you from the outside looking in, and don’t realize that we all go through trials, but the same God can save us all.  

   We’re living in a time where many people let other people’s actions and options dictate their decision making. I feel like the Christian community needs a strong voice that’s bold about their faith and makes serving God not look lame or corny. I remember coming up, I had those musical influences that made serving God “cool.” So now I feel like God is calling me to be that same example. 

   The release date is not set in stone yet, but the release will be likely in late December or early January. People can stay posted on my music and all that I have going on from my Instagram or Twitter. @ZoFrank_EOM, also if anyone has engagements, features, encouraging words or prayer request, they can email me at