What is Love? What is Love?

What is Love?

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What is Love?

Building a family

By Dawn Gotreaux


I often use the hashtag #adoptionbuildsafamilytoo and  #loveiscolorblind in my Facebook picture posts. Those of you who know us know that our family is made up of various shades of skin tones. Beautiful shades of creamy brown to dark to lighter than coffee milk. I had always thought if God wanted to use us to adopt to build our family, then let’s make it obvious! Let’s make it to where all who see us will know…and what He has done!

I wish I could say we, our family, have been well received by everyone, however, that isn’t the case and that is okay with us. It used to make me uncomfortable because I wanted everyone to receive us and think good thoughts about my family. God needed to show me that the love people see in us can make others feel good and give hope, or it can make them feel uncomfortable. Where I needed to focus was where God had me, and that was to love my family well and that would be light to others.

The only way that I can be light is to know Christ and let Him fill me with His love so others can see. Love is colorblind. It doesn’t see skin color. It sees a soul that needs love, that needs support, that needs encouragement, and that needs Christ. That love pours out into our children and people around us. Our children light up our life. They make us smile and laugh. We are so thankful to be their parents. It is definitely not a dull life!

As you go through your day, remember love is colorblind. It sees souls that need a smile, need an encouraging word, and need hope. Let us not take for granted the hope that is within us, but let’s share it with those that need it! I pray that everyone would agree with my hashtag #loveiscolorblind.

Brian and Dawn have been married for 30 years and are parents to 10 amazing children, by adoption. They own and run Gotreaux Family Farms and also are full-time realtors with Keller Williams.


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