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What does the heart of Jesus break for? What does the heart of Jesus break for?
What does the heart of Jesus break for?

New CD by Parker Wagnon

By Parker Wagnon


   As a ministry, we pray for, support, and closely follow the Voice of the Martyrs. We’ve seen over the past five years an exponential increase in the persecution of Christians around the world. 1 John 3:13 (ESV) says, “Do not be surprised, brothers, that the world hates you.” Our Lord’s heart definitely breaks for the poor and destitute, orphans, widows, and persecuted Christians around the world. We as Christians should follow Jesus and desire to take on His burdens. This is the theme of my album “Broken With Your Love.”

   It all came about one morning in prayer time back in 2017, when the Holy Spirit softly told me to begin writing songs again for a future album. I had no earthly idea how in the world this would come about, but isn’t that just like the Lord who doesn’t give you the whole plan at once? He looks for faith, and through tests finds out what we are made of.  Over the course of two years, I stayed faithful to writing song after song about messages the Holy Spirit would bring to my heart.

  After a successful 30-year IT career, I answered the call to full time ministry back in March of 2019. Just this past year, we’ve attended the School of Evangelism at CFAN, gone to Honduras to help teach a Healing School, preached crusades over the web in Pakistan, volunteered at Light the Fire Again Conference in Pensacola, preached at local churches, and gone out street-witnessing to the poor areas in town.  

   We saw 204 salvations in 2019 and are going for many more in 2020 as an evangelistic ministry. We started Dove and Lion Ministries to lift up Jesus and give Him the great harvest He paid for! Our vision is to bring one million souls into the Kingdom for Jesus.      

   All donations for the album fund our evangelistic outreaches. 

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