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Warning signs of dyslexia: Warning signs of dyslexia:
Warning signs of dyslexia:

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   The Reading Center, with locations in Carencro and Lafayette, specializes in reading therapy for individuals with dyslexia, a common condition that affects 1 in 5.

   Oftentimes people with dyslexia are viewed as being lazy by parents, guardians, and teachers who do not comprehend how the disability works. Because of their inability to adapt like everyone else in the classroom, students tend to feel as if they are lacking intelligence, when in fact some of the most successful accounts have been by dyslexic individuals. 

   Once the truths are realized, and they understand that they are not alone in what they face and that there is a way through it, confidence can be restored.

   There are several warning signs that may not seem obvious. 

For preschoolers some signs are:

• delayed speech 

• scrambled sounds in long words 

• stuttering

• left/right confusion 

• late establishment of a dominant hand

and difficulty memorizing a phone number, home address, or alphabet

For elementary students, signs include: 

• dysgraphia 

• letter or number reversal continuing past the first grade 

difficulty learning cursive

• problems sounding out unknown words

poor spelling 

• difficulty telling time on a clock with hands

and trouble with math

High school students may have all of the previous symptoms as well as:

• limited vocabulary 

• extremely poor written expression

• large discrepancies between verbal and written skills

inability to master a foreign language

• or difficulty reading printed music. 

For all ages listed, school can be a dreadful experience.

   Dyslexia carries on into adulthood. Indications include slow reading, having to read a page two to three times to understand it, very poor spelling, or getting lost in a familiar city often. Call us today so we can develop an individualized ACTION PLAN to achieve optimal reading success!

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