Unity in prayer with Israel Unity in prayer with Israel
Unity in prayer with Israel

Pray for peace.

By Jim Phelps


   Near the end of 2018, Israel sustained a barrage of rocket attacks over its border after an exchange of gunfire in the Gaza Strip. The death of an Israeli Defense Forces’ (IDF) officer and a number of Hamas terrorists fostered hundreds of rockets to pour into multiple southern communities. Red alert sirens seemed to blast unrelentingly through the air and scroll continuously over text message alerts in the long hours to follow the incident. 

   Prior head of the combat intelligence corps for the IDF and former assistant director of Military Intelligence, Miri Eisin, describes the typical response to such an attack in Israel. She tells Covenant Spotlight, “Israelis are instructed to head immediately into a nearby shelter, preferably in a fortified room that all houses built after 1991 are required to have. If outside, or in a public building, there are certified shelters, either stand alone or in public buildings.”

   “The closer you are to the Gaza Strip,” she explains, “the more shelters there are. In the villages surrounding the Gaza strip there are shelters in children’s playgrounds, next to bus stops and every few hundred yards on streets.”

   When a shelter is not available, “people are required to get out of their vehicles after turning them off and to lie down in a nearby ditch covering their heads.”

   Eisen concludes, telling us that “although around 500 rockets were fired, casualties [were] minimal,” yet “the constant alert, the fear, the sounds and sights of rocket explosions carry a heavy psychological burden, especially on [our] kids.”

   May we be compelled to “pray for the peace of Jerusalem” (Psalm 122:6, ESV) and be thankful our nation currently governs in harmony with Genesis 12:1-3. 

Jim Phelps and his wife, Cori, are passionate followers of Christ. Jim is particularly interested in mobilizing men and strengthening small groups. Learn more at lanternofliberty.net or contact him at info@2717ministries.org. 

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