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Trinity Outdoors Disabled Adventures, LLC Trinity Outdoors Disabled Adventures, LLC
Trinity Outdoors Disabled Adventures, LLC

A life-changing accident

   Have you ever had a life-changing accident, a relative or child with a disability, or have you ever blessed someone with a special gift? Trinity Outdoors Disabled Adventures (T.O.D.A.), LLC, a 501c3 ministry outreach, was created to offer multiple outdoor activities, providing all-inclusive adventures to those in need. 

Accidental blessing

   Eleven years ago, an auto accident proved to be the beginning of a huge life transformation point in the life of founder and CEO, Jason Bland. Bland was able to take a negative thing and turn it into a great asset to help others, by starting a nonprofit which caters to kids, adults and Veterans in the outdoors. Also an amputee, Jason says, “losing my leg was a blessing…I thought that I would never be able to go back hunting or fishing. That was, until I truly came out of my slumber and into a relationship with Jesus Christ.”

   T.O.D.A. was formed in November 2008. Bland says “We try to give back the gift of life to those who once thought that their disability or their life they had been living was once not accomplishable.” Additionally, Jason emphasizes, “80% of our leaders have disability or have a child with a disability, but we all love the Lord, and basically want to give back those in need. OUR goal with TEAM TRINITY is to bring joy, encouragement and empowerment to those who once thought they could not accomplish an outdoor task.”

Available adventures

   With trips ranging from alligator hunts, hog hunts, deer hunts, fishing trips, missions trips and also helping folks overcome addictions, Jason notes, “It takes constant fundraising, and after 10 years we have been able to master new and creative ways to do so. We also want folks to realize that 100% of our funds stay local. We have branched out to provide people with disabilities jobs in doing woodworking and becoming mentors. This means we do not have to send finances to a corporation to be able to conduct business.” Likewise, Jason hints, “If you can see the smiles that are made on the faces of these kids, adults and Veterans, all the while being able to love on them just as Jesus did, you would be hooked. This is why we invite anyone to become a volunteer with our group.” 

Dream Big Banquet

   On Friday March 8, 2018, they will hold their 2nd Annual Acadiana Dream Big Banquet at the Scott Events Center, where TV celebrity Robert “Frenchy” Crochet from the Discovery Channel’s Swamp People will be the guest speaker. “This banquet will have high definition video clips from previous hunts and fishing trips, along with the disabled child giving a quick testimony…gun raffles and much more family fun to experience. But more so, you will be able to see Frenchy, who has attended multiple Trinity events, communicate with folks and ALWAYS give credit to God,” shares Jason. 

More events

Saturday April 6, 2019—6th Annual Trinity Outdoors Bass Classic and Family Fun Field Day. Added BREAM and SACALAIT Division, along with an early morning check-in location at Courtesy Motors, Breaux Bridge. The pre-registration and Acadiana Captains Meeting TBA online, and weigh-in will be held at St. James Parish Boat Club, Lutcher, LA.

May 3-4th, 2019—1st Annual Trinity Outdoors Trail Ride at Daigle Farms. Equine Therapy along with a great group of riders from multiple states to help out. Rabideaux’s Sausage and Glenn Daigle originally saw Trinity’s heart over the last 10 years, and they wanted to help. 

Fall 2019—Trinity Outdoors Acadiana’s Beauty Queen Competition. Jason says, “We laugh because we never want to judge anyone. In this competition, you will have disabled young ladies from 2-35, who are never given a chance to show their inner beauty, so we want to bring this out along with awareness. Also the biggest thing that you will see will be not all the glamorous dresses, but CAMOUFLAGE (possibly)!” Trinity Outdoors is searching for help to make this happen….so get ready Acadiana. 

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