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‘Tis the season ‘Tis the season
‘Tis the season

Trinity Outdoors Disabled Adventures

By Jason Bland


    Alligators, ducks, deer, squirrels, rabbits, hogs, frogs, dogs, specs, and reds…How many of us anticipate the coming of a season? Have you ever been lost in the woods? Ever been in a position where your child disappeared out of your presence for a minute and your stomach drops? Do you put God first in the hierarchy chart? Eleven years ago I didn’t, and not until the loss of everything and being completely empty did God say, “OK, I am ready to show you your gift.” The gift of helping others.   

   For the great volunteers at Trinity Outdoors Disabled Adventures, LLC NonProfit Ministry (T.O.D.A.), the excitement comes from not being on TV or social media, but the blessing of building relationships. 

   On Saturday September 7th, 2019, we were able to show that love, kindness, joy and spirit to overcome any disability to three young men on our 8th Annual Alligator Hunt in Batchelor, LA. Wyatt Bader of Palmer, NE, Elliot Venable of Rayne, LA and Austin Abshire of Welsh, LA. All of these young men of God have Down Syndrome. 

   For 11 strong years, Trinity has been able to share the Gospel with those who need encouragement through the outdoors. We all go through seasons in our lives. Some seasons are good, bad and tough…but these seasons come to an end and God’s Will always shine through.

   Our recent alligator hunting season could not have been possible without the love of a family from Plaucheville, LA, by the name of Paul and Sue Lemoine. This wonderful Christian couple have opened their doors to our ministry for deer, hog and alligator hunting. Their son, Jason Lemoine with Good Hope Timber, along with volunteers from Alexandria, Canada, and Nebraska made this trip, as we call it, “A TRIP OF A LIFETIME.”

   Not only do our trips bring a blessing to the participants, but also to our leaders. We constantly see the youth of volunteers latching on to the vision of helping others who may have a disability, therefore carrying on God’s ultimate commandment of loving one another. Just as 14-year-old Nicholas Aymond states, “I went bait hooks last night just to see these young men smile today.” Now if that isn’t a blessing, then what is. 

   Pictures can only say a certain amount, but if you could watch our videos, you’d see exactly what it means to us to be able to give back. We take for granted so many little things, such as being able to step down safely in a boat, or overcoming the fear of shot, or the silky touch of the jaws of an alligator, that we miss the big picture. So we do not know what it is to lose an ability, until it is gone. That is why we take the time to get to know each person we encounter and show them the love of Jesus Christ. 

   T.O.D.A. continues to strive to be able to reach people through the outdoors. It is a calling and we are in need of more volunteers who are willing to make a commitment and a step to making kids, adults and veterans smile. So, we are reaching out to people such as yourself now more than ever. 

   If you or your family would like to be a part of this solid nonprofit foundation, or would like to make a donation, we ask you to contact us. Thanks to Envirocon, New Beginnings Lake Charles, LLC and Covenant Spotlight for allowing us to share this testimony. 

Quotes From Parents:

Mike & Marlene Venable/ Rayne, LA: “Today our son was able to have an awesome outdoor experience doing something he has not been able to do. The friends he made and the smile on his face will last forever.”

Wilson & Ellen Abshire/ Welsh, LA: “Trinity Outdoors does not know the impact it has had on our son over the last 4 months. Today Austin was able to overcome the fear of water, along with building his confidence in doing more in God’s awesome creation, the outdoors.”

Kirk & Chrissy Bader/ Palmer, NE: “Our son truly got to experience one thing he has not been able to ever do in his life and that is harvesting an alligator. We truly have seen God’s hands at work in everyone involved.”  

/// Get outdoors and get involved! ///

Contact Jason J. Bland, (225) 715-9581, 3045 Third St., Lake Arthur, LA 70549; or email, and learn more at 

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