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The Pandemic Pivot The Pandemic Pivot
The Pandemic Pivot

Rediscovery adventure

By Cover Sponsor, Jerry Bob

Pivot: The central point at which something turns, or the sudden act of turning.

   It’s April 27th, 2021, and our Governor had just lifted the Covid-19 mask mandate…do you remember what you were doing? Me—I was at work making delicious stuffed baked potatoes, burgers, wraps, and salads and soups at my restaurant Super Taters & More, in Scott. Like you, I was concerned about Covid-19 (and all the associated things and hour-by-hour updates), but mentally I was drained and at that moment I decided that I’d had enough! No more sitting around, it was time to FINALLY head OUTSIDE (literally and figurative) after what had been a year and a half of lockdowns and mandates!
   My solution: A pivot! Since we were one of the fortunate businesses to survive the Pandemic, I felt it important to put an emphasis on having fun again…while helping others! So, I put together an “Adventure Tour” that would be featured on my business social media pages, dubbed as “Jerry’s Summer Adventure Tour!” On the tour my social media followers got to help determine the various adventurous activities I would take on each week. My only requirement was that the activities be out of my comfort zone, and they would challenge me mentally and physically! The goal: rediscover what was great and precious about the world, and the life God allowed me to be fortunate enough to still have.
   The first episode involved me volunteering at Catholic Charities of Acadiana for a few days! I spent time packing bread, cooking spaghetti and hand-rolling meatballs from scratch. I’m but a humble restaurant owner, so working in the kitchen making meals came naturally, and helping the less fortunate was such a joy! 

   Next, came the fun outdoor activities like Ziplining, and Kayaking on Lake Martin and touring our local beautiful Atchafalaya Swamp as an Airboat co-captain! Along the way, I met a 20-ft. long Alligator—nicknamed “Tater.” I offered Tater some Super Taters, and it was going great until I remembered that gators eat people! Yikes!





The fourth episode’s date fell right around late July (my Little Sister’s b-day), and of course she is an adventurer like her big brother. Skydiving was what she wanted, and jumping out of an airplane at 10,000 feet is what she got! Wooohoo! Sidenote: We decided to not tell Mom & Dad until we had landed safely on the ground!


The next few episodes involved Parasailing fun in the sun and learning how to fly an airplane! I remember watching “Top Gun” as a kid and thinking that pilots were the coolest…so I decided I contact Fly NOLA to see if they could help. Not only did they help, but I FLEW the plane and clocked actual flight training hours—super cool! Maybe at some point I’ll go back to flight school and get a side hustle as a pilot! 
   So many activities…but so little summer! Some honorable mention activities from the Adventure Tour were: The Cajun Heartland State Fair fun with my Lil Tater Squad (my niece and nephews) , learning how to kickbox with Kajun Kickboxing, filming an inspirational, period piece music video with my family, and spearheading a supply relief drive, and hand-delivering the proceeds to victims of Hurricane Ida in Houma and surrounding areas.
   The last year and half has been tough on us all…but trial and error reminded me that we can only control what we can, and we have to leave the rest up to God! Through all the chaos lies a way to shake off the bad feelings and rediscover what is still great about the world and the life that we are given. This was my version of the Pivot…but I encourage you to find your “pivot.” If/when you do find it, share it with me because I’d love to hear it!
   I’ve always tried to do my part to bring a little joy to the world! My summer adventure was only a small part of my efforts, so I invite you to click *follow* for my daily, weekly, adventures as a small business owner via “Super Taters” on Instagram and Facebook and TikTok! I encourage you to keep fighting the good fight to stay positive and upbeat, despite whatever daily challenges you face!