The Deeper State: The Deeper State:
The Deeper State:

Disclosing Tumultuous Times with Lt. Col. Robert Maginnis

By Jim Phelps


The fascinating book, The Deeper State, by Lieutenant Colonel Robert Maginnis is “about the elites, their secret societies, world power centers and evil motivations behind the chaotic contemporary world pressing all life toward a final one-world empire.”

In my recent interview with him, Lt. Col. Robert Maginnis describes the Deep States as “an unelected shadow government you’ve likely heard about. It’s really a false façade of a democratic process where you have people behind the scenes, and they are manipulating things. Certainly, Mr. Trump has made a major point of saying the fake news is manipulating the truth. Others are saying that it’s really an indication of internal chaos. We’ve seen leaks and we’ve seen people that have been undermining good government.”

Globalism and Corrupt Elites

Maginnis went on to say, “I certainly go after the globalists, because I see globalism as a mechanism of sorts that facilitates the movement toward the end time. It facilitates the grabbing of power across all entities. Globalism to a lot of people’s mind is nothing more than corporate expansion, free trade, and worldwide communication in an instant. I see something more sinister. I see a radical ideology, a humanist religion, and the robbing of our national sovereignty for a global, one world government through a variety of mechanisms.”

“Most people will also acknowledge that globalism comes in three flavors. There’s the flavor that deals with the financial or corporate stuff. There’s also the flavor that deals with the social structures. Then, of course, we have the religious flavor. It’s all fueled by a radical ideology, a humanist religion. They tend to be very Communistic/Marxist in their approach. A lot of them are fascistic. You’ve no doubt heard about Antifa, which is supposedly an anti-fascist organization, but in fact, it’s very fascist. It’s fueled by globalist deep pockets, like that of George Soros.”

“All of these things are very significant. Now, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen globalism raise its ugly head. Of course, we saw it many thousands of years ago under King Nimrod, as recorded in Genesis 11. I believe all these things are a catalyst for what I think is described in Daniel 2 – the fifth empire. We’ve seen the first four (Babylonian, Persian, Greek, and Roman empires), but we haven’t seen the fifth yet—a true one-world government, ruled by the Antichrist. I believe that globalism will usher in, ultimately, the Antichrist. I think the Antichrist will demand religious observance of him. He’ll war against Christians. Everybody that’s watching this closely sees that war piping up now.”

An Imminent Final Empire

In a special word for  Christ-followers, Maginnis emphasized, “Christians need to know their Bible and understand prophetic Word, and understand where their role is in this world. I think Romans 13 gives good evidence. We must always be mindful of Ephesians 6 and what we are battling. We are battling powers and principalities and darkness, and that’s what the unseen realm is all about. We need to be salt and light as it says in Matthew 5. Unfortunately, all too often, we’ve lost our saltiness.”

“Our pastors need to equip the saints. We have so many pastors in the country who are intimidated by government threats to come in and chase them out of the pulpits if they say something that’s not politically correct. That’s nonsense. Though threats do exist, not a single pastor has been chased out, but the radicals use it all the time as a platform to promote their agendas.”

“Christians need to wake up. Barna, in his surveys of Christians in the United States, found that three or four percent of the Christian population in America, today, have a Biblical worldview. If more Christians had a Biblical worldview, we wouldn’t be in nearly the dire straits that we are today. I think we share a responsibility of calling attention to what I think is very obvious. We have a Biblical responsibility to engage the culture, to hold politicians accountable, and to be representatives of Christ in our neighborhoods and local churches.”

To learn more about the war currently waging war against our President by corrupt elites and secret societies, be sure to pick up a copy of The Deeper State by Lt. Col. Robert Maginnis.

Jim and his wife, Cori, are passionate followers of Christ. Jim is particularly interested in mobilizing men and strengthening small groups.

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