Thankfulness Thankfulness

Even in the worst times

By Cheryll White


Hannah, we meet her in 1 Samuel chapter 1. As we get acquainted with her, we see that she had several sources of stress, fear, and depression. Hannah’s story is a story of thankfulness in the worst times.

Hannah lived at a stressful time both politically and religiously. But she also had to live with stress in her family. Some of Hannah’s stress came from living in a polygamous marriage. Polygamy was a fact of life in ancient Israel. Wives were a means of securing children. Because she was infertile, her husband took a second wife to insure the family name would not be lost because he had no children. Hannah’s situation was depressing year after year Peninnah (the second wife) produced children. Year after year Hannah suffered emotionally from her infertility.

Hannah’s life was filled with stress, and hopelessness. She desired a child from the Lord. Apart from the fact she was suffering from being childless, Penninah taunted her daily with the fact she was very fertile, which meant she was intimate regularly with Hannah’s husband, and gave him a family. Hannah, until verse 11, was a silent sufferer like many people suffering from depression today. In the prayer in verse 11 she made a vow that if the Lord gave her the desire of her heart, she would give that son back to Him to serve Him all the days of his life. Hannah joined in the worship of the Lord the next morning, went back to Ramah with her husband, and before long she was pregnant and gave birth to Samuel, whose name means “heard of God.”

Hannah’s depression lifted when she took her focus from herself and her situation and put her focus on God. Hannah remembered the God she served; Read 1 Samuel chapter 1-3 it will bless you in the worst of times. God does answer prayer.

Elder Cheryll D. White is a licensed, ordained minister for over 26 years and resides with her husband in Scott, LA.

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