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Support knowledge

To save babies lives

By Jenny Morgan 

   There’s a popular saying we’re all familiar with: knowledge is power. I believe that one of the biggest obstacles when considering adoption is lack of knowledge. Families who are interested in adopting often don’t know where to begin. And women with unplanned or crisis pregnancies often don’t receive resources explaining how the adoption process works. This can be discouraging for both parties. Specifically, for birth mothers, fear and uncertainty about the future of their child may nudge them toward the option to abort rather than find a family to adopt.
   But the reality is that resources can be found through a little bit of research. Websites like,, and list general bullet points for both parties looking into the adoption process. Being armed with this information, even just knowing where to look for it, can be a great way to support a woman who is uncertain about what decisions she should make in the event of an unplanned pregnancy. Especially if she’s learning not only her rights and decisionmaking abilities in the process, but also receiving comfort about the safety of her child’s future.
   Adoption is both a beautiful and an emotional experience. And when we are standing with families and/or pregnant women who are overwhelmed by the prospect, we can arm them with what they need mostanswers. We have to present women with more than the abstract idea of adoption. We need to show them their questions do have answers, and they can be comforted in a decision to find a family for their unborn child. 

Jenny Morgan is a wife and proud adoptive mother in the Lafayette area.