Sexualizing our children Sexualizing our children
Sexualizing our children

Parental sobriety in an age of moral insanity & ambiguity

By Pastor Brandon Trott


One of the most basic tenants of moral human behavior, and a chief concern of God (Js.1:27; Is.58; Matt.18:6), is society protecting its most vulnerable and innocent members—especially children. Little boys and girls are weak, naive, easily influenced, and particularly subject to becoming a victim of those who are sinfully motivated. When a society begins to lose this ideal—blurring the lines about how that’s done, it’s on a trend to a form of depravity and destruction that is brutal and laden with collateral damage to the general good of our children.

Defending purity

One way children are especially vulnerable is in the realm of their bodies and sexuality. I wish we didn’t have to talk about this at all. (Frankly, it is uncomfortable to even be writing these words.) But, these things are no longer an unspoken rule everyone just understands; the standards are shaded further and further every day. And it’s incumbent upon us to be aware of what’s happening and know how God would have us to think about it. If we love our children, and children in general, we must see these things with piercing discernment, and make steps toward defending their innocence and purity.

Not offensive

As with most sensitive subjects, people tend to think it’s offensive to bring it up. But it always astonishes me that it seems more vulgar to talk about an issue in detail, than for it to be flaunted before our eyes every day in the public arena. Why is it offensive to talk about a thing, but not offensive to flippantly do the thing?

One reason is because when the issue concerns something we can see, people who (in some way) are a part of that trend, feel like they’re being put on the spot, called out, and condemned. That’s not my intention at all. My intention is to inform, equip, and encourage parents for the good of their children and the rescue of our culture.

Against trends

Children are being increasingly sexualized in our culture. And I don’t think I’ve noticed it because I have a keen eye, or that I’m unusually discerning—it’s as plain as day. Both boys and girls are being exposed to adult content, attitudes, and practices at earlier stages.

While this has surely always happened in obscure measure, it wasn’t the socially acceptable norm in our nation until recently. Now it’s becoming far more common, and it’s against this trend that we must stand for the good of our children and their emotional, mental, and future sexual health.

Cultural norm  

Sexualized by the way they dress, the attitudes they’re encouraged to have, the role models they’re given, and the behaviors modeled for them in the culture around them—whether subtle or flagrant—these influences on children are so prevalent we don’t notice them anymore.  The sexual revolution of the sixties has had such a profound effect, that we don’t even see how much of our sexuality we put on public display. In light of these things it’s no surprise that our children are awakening their sexuality at astonishing ages.

Age appropriate

There is also a trend towards parents unwisely encouraging/allowing their children to do things not appropriate for their age. Our children are developing their self-image in ways that will stay with them for the rest of their lives, and that makes these issues so important.

They will one day be teenagers, socially inundated with a vulgar view of sexuality. Combine that with the surge of new feelings and experiences their bodies will be going through. Can we really think it is healthy to allow them to be sensual, provocative, and visually vulnerable now? That’s not going to just disappear when they turn fourteen.

Our poor children will be so confused and conflicted. I hope that we as parents will see that this cultural trend is not natural, and could have serious, negative consequences on the emotional and mental health of our children—before it’s too late.

Brandon has pastored at New Beginning Fellowship Church in Breaux Bridge since 2012, and has been the lead pastor since 2014. His calling is to prioritize Jesus as the center and focus of the church, teach the word of God, and train others to live out God’s calling for their lives. 

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