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Lifestyle August 1, 2021 Cori Phelps

By Keith Boutte     Take a selfie to show the world who you are! Let them see the perfect pic of not only where... Selfie

By Keith Boutte 

   Take a selfie to show the world who you are! Let them see the perfect pic of not only where you are, but make it who you are! Let the world know how good life can be, right? Get that shot before it passes, because it will pass quickly. 

   Selfies bring back that moment where everything came together. Standing on the peak of a mountain range, posing in front of an iconic venue or sitting in a “Bugatti La Voiture Noire” with a sticker price of $18,000,000.00! Life couldn’t look any better, and why not? Especially since we only have one life to live, so make it all look good—let the world see how good it can get. 

   It seems so easy in a digital world, we can create a scene about how we feel in that moment, and when life sucks, we can look at that moment where everything came together. In this age self-imaging can give an appearance of how perfect life is in that moment, then we look for the next one because that moment has passed, leaving us nothing but a moment that passed without substance. 

   History tries to show us that he who attains the most wins. Not family, not acts of kindness and not selflessness. Today’s America is an example the world had not seen in its history. No nation or empire with so humble a beginning and with so little notice became a world leader in everything so quickly. No one could have foretold the rise of individualism and self-gain without regret.  

   In the United States of America today, you can do nothing to help humanity or any group of people or friends or family or a dog in the street, and you qualify to receive free money from the government. Just answer correctly the questions asked, even if you lie, and the government will give you money, no proof necessary. 

   The government machine in America has grown so large there’s nothing left to stand on. We elected, maybe, a man who can’t speak for more than five minutes without losing his focus. Our President can’t be left alone anywhere because he has lost his mind by being a politician his whole life. The “System” has taken over and is sending our tax dollars to everyone except those who pay taxes. Unfriendly governments are getting millions of our tax dollars to buy weapons to use against the tax paying citizens of the U.S.A.  

   Selflessness still lives in tax-paying Americans; the problem is there are fewer citizens working to pay into the system than who are on the system called government. Soon there will be even more people getting government money than paying taxes. The boomer generation has almost all retired and there will be millions less to pay forward their taxes to keep the Nation moving forward.  

   Abortion is our nation’s number one killer, just saying. 

   The people caused all these issues simply by compromising what is good and right for temporary gain and baseless happiness. The selfie has become more important than the life lived. Short term goals in a live-for-the-moment world leave everyone without substance to live on. Live for today leaves nothing to live with tomorrow. Even the “pics” of the moment will disappear when the hard drive of life crashes leaving everyone empty and hopeless.  

   The United States of America can neither support itself, nor its people, nor the lie much longer. What a hopeless worthless ending to the “Greatest Nation in the History of the World.”  

What can we do to fix the U.S.A.? Sadly, there may be no fix to the Government waste based on greed fueled by a hunger for power and self-gratification. The People of God have separated into their theological ideals and fought the fight of separation over the “Word of God.” Self-righteousness rules over Christian fellowship. What is different between the Christian and the Jew? Have they not both fallen for the same lie?  

   Daniel 3:29 NLT says, “Therefore, I make this decree: If any people, whatever their race or nation or language, speak a word against the God of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, they will be torn limb from limb, and their houses will be turned into heaps of rubble. There is no other god who can rescue like this!” What say you about this God? This Jesus who saves? Do you want a selfie with Him? Do we want to post His Word upon our platform? Will we die before we deny Jesus? 

The only “pics” Jesus sees are the ones that prick the hearts of people who obey His Word. Our example, our Savior and our God gave up His thrown in heaven to die a sinner’s death to save you and I. Be warned Christian, not one letter of God’s Word will fall to the ground undone! “But as surely as the LORD your God has given you the good things he promised, he will also bring disaster on you if you disobey him. He will completely destroy you from this good land he has given you.” (Joshua 23:15 NLT) 

   The time has come, the end is near—who or what do you fear? Judgement is at the door knocking and is coming for every one of us! A lock on a door can’t save you from the soon coming wrath of God, but there is a way to miss it. Jesus is the only truth, the only life and the only way. Trust and obey Jesus or burn—what’s in your wallet/heart? 

   If you see a “pic” of me, may it be the likeness of the one who died for me. #JesusLives! 

Keith Boutte resides in Lafayette with his lovely wife, Christy, and they have four children and five grandchildren. He has a passion for people, our city, and seeing the Lord lifted up as a light and hope to others.