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Self-care in postpartum Self-care in postpartum
Self-care in postpartum

Consider a naturally-made solution

By Tiffany Wyatt, APPAC


    Being a new parent is one of the most exciting and terrifying experiences of our lives. We are overwhelmed with love and the responsibility to get it all right. 

   As a mom of two and a birth professional, I’ve personally experienced and seen new moms struggle through it time and time again—postpartum. Postpartum is tough! Our bodies are changing, hormones are attempting to regulate and all while we do our very best to take care for our newborns. One thing in modern America we do not do enough is support our new moms, nor do new mom support themselves. After planning the needs of our baby and our birth, we fail to properly to plan for our own care in postpartum.

   Self-care in postpartum couldn’t be more important. Mental mood disorders through this first year are a lot higher amongst new parents than many realize. This is my personal passion as a birth professional—supporting families in this crucial time.
   Every new mom experiences hormone and nutrient depletion shortly after birth is complete and this is due to the placenta being birthed. The placenta takes over much of our hormone creation and regulation while pregnant, and once it’s birthed, it takes our brains 6–8 weeks to get back online.

   After experiencing postpartum anxiety with my first baby, I was sure to prepare differently with my second. That’s when I decided to do something a bit alternative and encapsulate my placenta. I know—it sounds crazy and a little gross. But what it did for me and is continuing to do for hundreds of local new moms each year is tremenduos postpartum support. I personally experienced and moms have reported the following benefits:  increased milk supply, energy, diminished baby blues and anxiety, quick weight-loss, reduced post-birth bleeding, less pain and faster healing.

   If you or a loved one are planning for a birth, be sure to plan for postpartum.    (337) 704-7256

Tiffany is a professional placenta specialist and holistic birth doula. She is passionate about supporting women so they can have their best birth and a happy postpartum. She, her husband and their two children reside in Lafayette and are members of Crossroads Church.

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