Satan, take a Hike! Satan, take a Hike!
Satan, take a Hike!

Remember: It is finished

By Julie Esta’

All too often, we talk about our problems and our struggles, but we must do more than talk about it! We find ourselves accepting our problems and issues and think that they are who we are.

We become defined by them and our issues become our identity. The enemy wants to keep us comfortable with our struggles. He wants us to have the mindset that ‘this is our cross to bear.” As long as we are paralyzed by ‘our cross to bear’ such as fear, loneliness, obesity, anger, insecurities, poverty addiction, etc., we are held back from our God-given purpose. Jesus came and bore the cross for us so that we wouldn’t have to! He said, “It is finished.”

This does not mean that we will not be faced with crosses; but how will we handle them? Will we take those crosses and bring them to God, or will we just learn to live with them, coping?

Our first step is evaluation. Evaluating what areas of our lives are holding us back that we are living with—the ones that we have accepted. Don’t get overwhelmed with the list—pick the top three, and then narrow it down to one. It is best to work on one area at a time and do it well.

Choose not to hold on to this any longer and create a plan to move you forward. Choose to do something about it and kick Satan in the face!

Once these areas have been exposed, we follow this with diligent prayers. Asking our Heavenly Father that knows us and loves us greatly to go to the root of the issue, expose it and uproot it! We can also find what the Word of God says about it. Google is a powerful tool that we can use to help us to find scriptures. So if it is fear, search for “scriptures on fear.” Then we can take it a step further and search for the opposite of our issue to feed our faith. If the struggle is fear, we can then search for scriptures on love, trust, faith, etc.

Another weapon against the enemy is fasting. Fasting brings about an anointing and a power from Heaven like no other to fight against the enemy. If you are not sure how to fast and where to start, I would encourage you to read Fasting, by Jentezen Franklin.

If you are unable to release this issue fully, seek out reputable godly counsel to help to guide you to a place of victory. It is important to know that I put this as the last step. We tend to seek out the help and guidance of others first and seek out God’s help last. This is backwards. We should seek Him first, and counsel second.

It is the enemy’s plan to keep us in bondage, even in the things that we consider to be smaller things. What we fail to realize is that all of these smaller things pile up around us and create a big cloud to handicap us from fulfilling our day-to-day, year-to-year callings that God has in store for us.

So make a choice—tell Satan to take a hike!!

The Healthy Banana Split!


1 banana

1 TBSP fresh ground almond butter

¼ tsp Real Salt

2 tsp Enjoy Life Miniature Chocolate Chips, melted

Cut banana in half lengthwise. Spread almond butter, sprinkle salt, drizzle chocolate. Enjoy!

Julie Esta’ is a Certified Health Coach and owner of Purely Cajun Seasoning. She has witnessed many believers grow in their spiritual walk as they implement lifestyle changes to improve their eating habits and physical health. 

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