Sailing through the storm Sailing through the storm
Sailing through the storm

Rebuke fear, embrace faith

By Scott Morgan


It seems that no matter where you live, there are storms to contend with. I’ve been around more than a few: typhoons on Okinawa, tornadoes in Oklahoma, and hurricanes here in south Louisiana. I’m sure you have, too.

I can say, however, that I’ve never been through a storm on a boat. It doesn’t seem to be the place one would want to get stuck in when the winds are blowing, the rains are falling, and the lightning is crashing. But two thousand years ago, a group of men and their rabbi were in just such a predicament.

According to Luke 8:23, they were in trouble. The disciples and Jesus found themselves in the midst of a windstorm. The words used for “windstorm” originally indicated a violent attack of wind and furious gusts. Verse 23 goes on to read that they were in “jeopardy” or “danger” (depending on the translation you’re reading). This was not a strong breeze; this was a storm that could kill them. It was bad news.

Meanwhile, Jesus had started taking a catnap before the storm and kept on sleeping throughthe storm! In verse 24 the disciples go to wake Him up, informing Him that they were about to get wiped out by the devastation. They were having the ultimate freak out moment. Could you blame them, given the circumstances?

The Scriptures go on to record that Jesus rebuked the storm, causing the violent storm to cease and returning the water’s surface to a glassy calm. He also challenged the disciples’ faith, wondering where it had gone during the storm. I’ve been there. Maybe you’ve been there, too.

Regardless of the storms in this life, Jesus is in control. It might seem like He’s sleeping on your prayers or your circumstances but He’s right there in the boat with you. Rebuke your fears and embrace your faith. No matter the storm, the outcome will always be a brighter sky for the one who knows the Lord, whether in this life or in eternity.

Scott Morgan is a proud Oklahoma State Cowboy, and the father of an LSU Tiger and an LHS Mighty Lion. He is an insurance advisor, as well as a trainer and speaker, and co-hosts two personal development podcasts in Lafayette. He is also a member of Crossroads Church, where he serves in the MAPS, small group, and media ministries.

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