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Roommate Chronicles Roommate Chronicles
Roommate Chronicles

By Amanda Granger and Kenetra Saintilaire 

   Amanda: Roommate Chronicles started way before it was on Facebook. It actually started the very first time Kenetra and I stayed up way too late talking at the kitchen table when we lived together. 

   Kenetra: We would discuss our lives and so often the laughter from our conversations would melt away any darkness we may have been feeling, bringing us a sense of freedom. We always held each other accountable but we would also let each other just fall apart.   

   Kenetra: In 2019, we moved away from each other, but we knew keeping in touch would be important. So, we decided to get together on Tuesdays to watch a show we like and, of course, eat dinner. One Tuesday, I started talking about doing Facebook lives because it would be so much fun.   

   Amanda: However, I am not someone that likes to be in pictures or videos, especially when there’s an audience, so I never jumped on board. And Kenetra knew that about me, but it never kept her from mentioning the idea and asking me if I was ready. I always refused. That is until I didn’t.  

   Amanda: When the pandemic hit, life as we knew it ceased to exist. Opportunities to laugh decreased, while loneliness and depression increased.  Hugs were all but banned. It was just dark.   

   Kenetra: I knew that we could make people laugh just by being ourselves. And we were in a time that needed, or rather, pleaded for laughter. So, one night, in the church parking lot, I figured why not? Let’s do it now! And we did. That socially distanced meeting, in our cars, in May of 2020, produced our first Live that birthed what is now Roommate Chronicles. We are proof that two is better than one. We know better than anyone that every person on this earth needs someone…so you can laugh!   

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