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Resources for staying active Resources for staying active
Resources for staying active

Get informed and get involved

We couldn’t talk about Independence Day and the foundations of our nation without also sharing some of the resources we know exist to help you stay informed and actively get involved in our legislative system, in addition to continuously praying for our local and national government and its many branches and leaders.

Often now in our culture, we hear of laws passed that are in strong opposition to our value system prescribed by the Word of God, but just as often, we don’t know where to look or to start to try to have an impact on that decision and the lawmakers behind it.

Here are some sites and links to explore yourself and with your family, to proactively learn not only what is currently happening in our state and in our country, but also to use the information you’ve learned to articulate your stance from a biblical worldview, and take action!




  • Lafayette Consolidated Government –
  • LCG Live Meetings –




  • Find your LA & U.S. Legislatures –
  • Louisiana Family Forum –
  • LA Elections & Voting –





  • S. House of Reps –
  • S. Senate –


Voting/Polling Sites


  • Real Clear –
  • Vote Smart –
  • Values Voter Summit – October 11-13/streamed online –


Conservative Medias


  • Alliance Defending Freedom –
  • American Center for Law & Justice –
  • American Family Association –
  • American Family Radio –
  • Concerned Women For America –
  • Family Policy Alliance –
  • Family Research Council –
  • Freedom Forum Institute –
  • One Million Dads –
  • One Million Moms –
  • One News Now –
  • WallBuilders –

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