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Regaining focus Regaining focus
Regaining focus

Church, don’t drop the ball

By Pastor Eliot Morgan 

   Growing up, I was an athlete and an avid sports fan. These days I still enjoy working out and running. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that I’m an athlete anymore, but I am still a huge fan of sports. Whether you play sports yourself or enjoy watching them, I believe that everyone can understand the following illustration.  

Get in the game 

   No one likes to sit on the bench. Every athlete I’ve ever met enjoys playing the game. They don’t just enjoy playing, they are in it to win! No athlete goes into a game with a mindset to lose. They show up to play, and they show up to win. Every player wants the ball in their hand when the game is on the line. Athletes literally dream of these moments as children.
   Have you ever heard the phrase, “Don’t drop the ball?” This is an expression that means: to make an error; miss an opportunity; to fail. Beloved, I have a warning for you, don’t drop the ball! We are living in the days that should be the Church’s finest hour.  

The singular answer 

   Can I say it this way? For the Church, the game is on the line, and the stakes could never be higher! I believe with all of my heart the Holy Spirit is awakening the people of God to the reality of the unique opportunity that stands before us. The world is hurting and broken. People now more than ever are filled with fear, anxiety, and uncertainty about their future. The masses are crying out for hope and searching for answers. And it is the Church of Jesus Christ that is the only hope for this lost and dying world. Jesus is the only remedy; He is the singular answer for every question the world is asking. Church, don’t drop the ball! We should be raising our hands high and crying out, “Give me the ball Jesus! Here I am Lord, send me!”  

Do you see them?

   We have all read the Scripture and even quoted it, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.” But do you really see it now? The world is ripe for the harvest! People are now more open to the Gospel in our nation than they have been since September 11, 2001. People are afraid. People are hurting and confused. People are desperate and looking for answers. The question is, do we see them?   

   There are many things going on in our nation right now—from the coronavirus pandemic, riots, political animosity, and senseless violence fueled by division and hatred. With all that is going on, it is easy to see how we could overlook the Lord’s Harvest Fields. But we cannot afford to. This is why we are here. This is the Church’s finest hour. This is our moment.  

Regaining focus 

   But many are “dropping the ball.” Why? One word, distractions. A distraction is something that prevents someone from giving full attention to something else. Jesus is calling His Church to give Her full attention to the Harvest in this hour. Satan is doing his very best to keep us distracted with everything else that is going on in this world so that we will become ineffective. Let us now turn away from these distractions and turn once again to the work we have been called to do.
   Beloved, in these times of uncertainty, may we regain our focus and once again set our eyes upon Jesus! If we would spend time in His Word and in His presence, He will surely give us His heart for the lost! The game is on the line and I can hear the last seconds on the clock are ticking down. The ball is in your hands, what will you do with it?

Eliot Morgan serves as the Associate Pastor of Life Church of Lafayette. He is married to Jenny Morgan, and they are raising two amazing kids, Ethan Eliot and Abigail Joy. 

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