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Support for loss of a child

By Kelly Breaux


   April 25, 2016 seemed like a normal Monday morning when I awoke. However, my day changed rather quickly when I received a phone call from a friend with the words, “Misty and Isley were in a head-on collision last night by a drunk driver, and Isley has died.” My heart sank as my knees buckled and I hit the ground, pouring my tears all over my bathroom floor. She was only 10 years old.

   Since losing my own twins, Talon (2005) at only 15 days old, and Emma Grace (2009) at three years and 10 months, I had never had a close friend lose a child. For the past 11 years, I had been isolated in my own little world as a grieving mother struggling to survive this unimaginable loss. Isley’s death hit so close to home for us, and I can remember rushing over to their home.

   Over the next few months I devoted my heart and time to being there to support Misty. But shortly after, I realized that we were grieving very differently. I was immediately angry at God. Misty wasn’t and clung to her faith, while I had lost complete trust in God. We were carrying our crosses very differently and I felt like I had failed her as a friend.

   This was my crossroad, and for the first time I realized I just couldn’t run from God any longer. Helping my friend was my driving force to seek healing through Christ. I had no idea how our journey together would lead me closer to Him.

   Red Bird Ministries is grief support ministry for couples who have experienced the loss of a child. We partner couples new to Red Bird with couples of the same loss, who are a little further along on their journey. They build community and relationships with each other, while learning how to love and support each other. We serve families of child loss from conception to natural death of any age, even adult children.

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Married for 17 years, Ryan and Kelly Breaux are Co-Founders of Red Bird Ministries. Together they have 4 children: 3 residing in Heaven, and one10-year-old daughter, Estelle. 

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