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Reaching goals Reaching goals
Reaching goals

“Team” support makes the difference

By Kandis Joubert 

“It takes 6-8 pallbearers to lift you up when you’re deceased. Imagine what you could accomplish if you had 6-8 people lifting you up while you’re living.” ~ Author unknown 

   Two facets with regards to one’s health and fitness journey is the social one, and the environmental one. Basically, we’re talking who’s around you, and what’s around you. If both external influences aren’t congruent with your personal internal goals for the mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical facets, you’re going to have a hard time polishing your end result.  


   Get serious about recognizing and omitting what holds you back. That 2-hour Netflix binge “sesh” taking your time? That daily to-go order that’s burning holes in your pockets? That social media app that’s stealing your focus? That friend who’s never supportive when you take steps to better yourself? Make room for what you need to, then move forward. You get one cup per day, so be mindful what you fill it with. 


   Now, align yourself with people who have similar goals. God created us for connection. That mom down the street always strolling her kids. That coworker who’s always prepping their homemade meals. That disciplined person in the gym you want to be like because they never quit. You will become like the people you regularly surround yourself with. 


   Ask someone to mentor you. Learn something new. Let someone pour into you while you pour into others so that you can grow too. Have a kickboxing friend but you’ve never been to a class? Ask to tag along. Have a coworker that always cooks and preps meals? Have them show you their favorite quick and easy options. Know you need a personal trainer and nutrition coach? Hey, let’s chat! 

   We’ve all heard the saying, “It takes a village,” with regards to raising children. While you may be an adult now, if you’re just now taking those initial baby steps to your health and fitness goals, or if you’re still figuring it all out… Find your village. Grow your team. Win at life. 

Kandis Joubert is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, wife and mother of one very spunky little girl.