Covenant Spotlight
Obey and watch Obey and watch
By Julie Esta’     If we are going to be honest, we’re the ones who are holding us back. We tend to look outward... Obey and watch

By Julie Esta 

   If we are going to be honest, were the ones who are holding us back. We tend to look outward for our needs and desires to be met. God’s Word says blessings follow obedience, not blessings follow your circumstances.  

   What does this look like? The Word gives specific standards on how we are to live our lives. Truth is, we follow some of His guidelines, but tend to push the envelope on those that may be a comfort or require effort on our part. One thing I’ve learned is I know when He is prompting me to make changes, and my delay only causes my blessings to be delayed.  

   Here are a few that come to mind… 

  1. Have we asked Christ for forgiveness and to be Lord over every area of our life? Are we carrying this out daily to be sanctified? 
  2. Are we seeking God during our day? Praying and asking Him for wisdom? 
  3. Have we worshipped Him with giving 10% of our income to the church? 
  4. Are we reading our bible daily to study His word and renew our minds? 
  5. Are there specifics that He has asked us to do or not do that we are ignoring or putting off? 
  6. Are we honoring God with taking care of our bodies, the temple of the Holy Spirit that lives within us?  
  7. Have we been baptized, filled with the Holy Spirit?  

    There are many things in life which get in the way, and we tend to stay busy then blame God when things are not going the way that we would expect.  

   I am not saying we must follow a rule checklist, however just as we have certain expectations and desires for our children, so does God, our Heavenly Father for us 

  These expectations are not to rule us, but to provide the best life He has for us.  

   As we begin to obey God, watch as He pours out His blessings on us. 

Julie Esta’ is a Certified Health Coach and owner of Purely Cajun Seasoning. She has witnessed many believers grow in their spiritual walk as they implement lifestyle changes to improve their eating habits and physical health.