Needy or thankful? Needy or thankful?
Needy or thankful?

Being present

By Roger Queen

Thinking about the season and the upcoming holiday of Thanksgiving, this question often comes to mind. Are we truly thankful or have we become needier than ever before? Being thankful is definitely a state of mind most people long for. So why does it often feel like the opposite is true—as if we have lost our focus and become more needs driven?

Well, most of all, technology has played a huge roll in our society as to how people react and express themselves these days. People have become so caught up in their own digital images and others that it has caused an unrealistic view of what’s right in front of them. This fog is spread daily in society, not just through social media but even our news sources where we’ve become exposed to all kinds of chaos in the world. Whether thousands of miles away or right in our local neighborhood, we consume all kinds of information on a level like never before. In turn, it pulls us away from our own present reality and directs our attention towards the things that are really beyond our control.

Yes, they are important issues in society, and yes, our communities matter and require us as the body of Christ to engage and shed light on issues. But what if today we chose to direct all of our energy towards the moment at hand, being thankful for our surroundings and making the most of the relationships we are blessed with? What kind of reality could that produce?

It has been said that every choice has a ripple effect on life even if it seems like an insignificant decision. Let us reach out to care for and encourage people around us instead of needing anything in return. This would be the ultimate display of thankfulness, and remember, one decision could create the chain reaction to really bring our community, our country, and this world to Jesus.

Roger Queen is the manager of iPhone Repair 4 Less in Lafayette. He attends Crossroads Church faithfully with his wife Chrystal, their daughter Sierra and son Tristan.

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