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Moving Forward Moving Forward
Moving Forward

Widows & widowers

By Priscilla Dressel and Bev DeFilippis


   “You’re a widow.” Suddenly everything you know is gone, changed, and in that very instant you believe you will absolutely never be able to survive. This all happens in the first five seconds of becoming widowed. 

   In the first days, weeks and months, wave after wave of grief hit, knocking you back down again. You are on a slippery slope, always trying to gain some footing. This, you find, is now the new “normal.” Slowly, you realize you have to find the new “you.”

   This is the position we found ourselves in when we became widows. Looking for support, we met through a widows group and became close friends. We shared the concept of wanting to help and support others through creating our own group, and made the decision to work together to begin the Moving Forward Group on Facebook. 

   The Moving Forward Group is here to support each member with moving forward in whatever way you choose to do so. There are so many ways to deal with grief, and we all handle it differently. There is no right or wrong way. We want members to feel free to share what they are comfortable with, without ever being judged. 

   It is a positive place to discuss what you are feeling, receive encouragement, compassion, and discuss our experiences, all which may help someone—and even to try to have a little fun! What our members share comes from going through it, and not information from a book.  Widows and widowers may join us in this private, closed Facebook group, where only members can see or read what is said there.
   Reach out, and know you’re not alone!

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Don’t spend the holidays alone!
Join our Facebook group: Widow Widowers Moving Forward Dating and Friendship and answer all questions to be admitted to our compassionate and caring group!    

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