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More than just a melody More than just a melody
More than just a melody

Stewarding God's presence within your heart

By Kenetra Adams


   We live in a culture where “worship” has been watered down to just a few songs (fast or slow), but in reality, it is so much more. It is a driving force that can eradicate darkness and change lives. So, going back to the basics of what is worship can bring an unbiased perspective to our focus.

   Webster’s Dictionary describes it as “expressing worth, reverence, and adoration.” When you give reverence or tell of ones worth, it induces a passion that is created through cultivating a relationship with our Heavenly Father. John 4:24 speaks about worshiping in spirit and in truth. The only way we will know the truth is by making time to spend with Jesus. 

   When we know Him and His words, in return we can live daily lives that point back to the Father. It is not the song we prepare to sing for any service, but it is paving the way for those who are weary to receive rest. So, I pose a question—how are you stewarding God’s presence within your heart today?

   Time spent with God creates more than just words—it also allows us to see our Creator in the purest form of who He is, and not what we have made Him to be. The song of our life is what He hears, and He empowers us to create and change an environment.

  When our attention is focused on Him, we do not have to worry about who’s in the crowd, what great vocals someone has, or how to pleasure the masses—but rather we focus on the One we love. That is Jesus, because our worship is vertical and nothing else matters in the moment, for with every word that is sung, it is ultimately done to break people FREE. 

   Paul and Silas in Acts 16:25-26, never had a full band or audience, that we know of, however, when they opened their mouths up to express adoration to the Father…it unlocked Heaven to move on their behalf! Allowing the Holy Spirit to move in and through you, to snatch someone out of depression, oppression, sickness, doubt, or unbelief is the goal. We are to be worshippers in our home, with our neighbors, in the streets, at the store, at restaurants—not just on a platform. We must know the songs we sing are more than just melody.


About Kenetra and her girls: 

Kenetra Adams is a dreamer, Worship Leader, and Director of a non-profit organization called Burn 24-7 Lafayette. The ultimate call on her life is being a mom of two fearless girls, Kennedy and Alyana. They enjoy going on adventures and making fun memories, even when life is not so fun. Kenetra says, “Never forget to make memories, enjoy the laughs, give lots of hugs, and say ‘I Love You’ out loud.”

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