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Modern day superheroes: Foster Parents Modern day superheroes: Foster Parents
Modern day superheroes: Foster Parents

A “thank you” from Foster the Love Louisiana

   May is National Foster Care Awareness month. During this month our organization strives to bring awareness to the needs of the foster system and encourage the community to get involved.  

   At the heart of foster care are the children that have been removed from their homes and placed into foster care. Our government programs and services are focused on caring for the children and the families from which they removed, because our ultimate goal in foster care is reunification. We want to see healthy children returned to healthy parents as they walk toward continued healing.  

   In the middle of this chaotic system, though, are foster families, who are many times overlooked and underappreciated. These amazing families have chosen to open their hearts and homes to serve children in need of a safe and loving home. They welcome children with histories of trauma and abuse and give their all in helping them find healing. They take them to multiple types of therapy, doctor’s appointments, family visits and court hearings. They love these children as their own, knowing they will most likely go home. They risk having their hearts broken so that the heart of a child can find healing. To be a foster family is to truly be the hands and feet of Jesus to the “least of these.”  

   More foster families are always needed, as the number of children in care rarely declines. If you do not feel called to foster or adopt, there are many ways to get involved. Find a foster family to support or get involved with an organization that is already serving them. To our foster families, we say “THANK YOU!” We see the sacrifices you make, and the love you so freely give.  

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