May we be a people… May we be a people…
May we be a people…

A prayer for Christ-centered culture

By Pastor Brandon Nealy


On a past Monday morning on social media, I shared this reflection and prayer—a result of being inspired both by something read long ago (source long lost), and my own observations of society and Christ-followers today. Covenant Spotlight asked I share this plea with you as we begin the New Year, all of us praying and growing toward being more Christ-like in our actions.

May we be a people

A prayer for the Christ-centered culture we (by the spirit and truth) are building in our church and in the community:

• May we become a people who refuse to give their votes to cowardly, passively “pro” life politicians—a people who demand their representatives to say “no,” even if it costs them.

• A people who lend their voices to the voiceless, found in the wombs of mothers and in the dark, solitary confinement cells of our state run prison systems.

• A people who cannot be co-opted by the state, who can’t be bribed and silenced by money, handouts and grants,

• A people who love babies and have lots of them by God’s blessing, and who show the world, by their actions and their families, children are a blessing from God—not a drain on your self-actualization.

• A people who open up their arms to the babies abandoned by the system in foster care and adoption and who do so with a graceful, humble, winsomeness that inspires onlookers.

• A people who love when hated, speak kindly when reviled, smile when disrespected— peace-making, warm, de-escalating, godly, holy people.

• A people who reject secularism’s belief that we are sophisticated apes and as a consequence refuse to dehumanize others—who don’t call people savages, property, zygotes, thugs, bums, addicts or lost causes, but rather see men and women as created in the image of God.

• A people who embody their belief in the dignity of all men by building an ethnically and socio-economically diverse church, willing to strive for unity in the bond of peace rather than run off and “church shop” every time it gets tough and touchy.

• A people humbled by the fact that we, by our own sins, killed the author of life, and emboldened by the fact that He turned our murder into our salvation, rising from the dead, defeating death—and the culture of death in our hearts. He filled us with himself, who is the Life. May we preach, and may we embody in our lives the Life within us. And may men walking in this land of death see it and want it. Want Him.

• A people filled with sorrow, but not a sorrow that is without joy—for our sins have been forgiven, our murders cleansed…saved sinners, redeemed murderers. We are not the world or a party of this world, nor are we a people who echo and ape the world. We are the church, the body, the voice, the hands, the feet of Christ.

Brandon Nealy is the lead pastor of Christ Church, a multisite church in Acadiana. He is a graduate of Westminster Christian and UL. His passion is scripture memory, reading and spending time with his family. He hopes to see Acadiana won for Christ! 

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