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Mary’s Treasure Mary’s Treasure
Mary’s Treasure

Devotional set to celebrate Jesus

By Erin Greneaux 

   The last few years have been a hard season for everyone, and holidays seem to bring up the loss and pain so acutely. We feel as though we have a right to be able to celebrate light-heartedly, to be able to set loss aside, to shrug it off at the door like a winter coat. Instead, it follows us.  

   We forget that Christmas was never a light-hearted affair. It was commingled with challenges, fear, and loss from the beginning. The hope of Emmanuel, God with us, was a stark contrast to the world silently waiting in misery. Weary hearts are the precise audience that God extends peace to on Christmas morning. 

   I wrote Mary’s Treasure to allow us to embrace the hope of Christ without dismissing our sorrow. Mary’s Treasure is a 24-day journey of reflection, art, and poetry, examining the life of Christ through His mother’s eyes. Each day’s reading, written from Mary’s perspective, pairs exquisite poetry with breathtaking watercolor artwork. Coupled with personal devotions, curated scriptures, prayers, and questions for reflection, this set combines artistic beauty with practical application to inspire a fresh perspective on Jesus’ true significance. 

   The stunning illustrations, created by UL student Taisiia Kolisnyk, are original watercolor paintings that expertly capture the raw emotion of Mary’s journey through motherhood. Taisiia perfectly expresses the simultaneous tragedy and triumph of Christ with her incredible talent.  

   This season, I pray we marvel at the spectacular miracle of Jesus. I pray we deeply resonate with the joy, pain, and incredible faith of the mother who bears this child in miraculous circumstances, raises Him in wisdom, and releases Him to a life of ministry. I pray that, through Mary’s eyes, we will bury our faces in Jesus’ warm baby hair, weep at His excruciating death on the cross, and rejoice in the glory of His resurrection. We can lean into this gift of Christmas even with broken hearts and unanswered questions and find rest and redemption for our souls. 
   The Mary’s Treasure devotional set can be purchased online at It includes 26, 5×7 full-color, two-sided devotional cards on high-quality cardstock and a wooden card stand for display, packaged in a clear cover storage box. 

   Purchase this beautiful set locally at stores including Renaissance Market, The Birds Nest, Judice Art Collective, All About You and Vintiques.