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“Live the Journey” “Live the Journey”
“Live the Journey”

Building 429's Jason Roy

By Jim Phelps


   Jason Roy, GRAMMY® nominated Building 429’s lead vocalist and primary songwriter, shares his thoughts with Covenant Spotlight on the band’s motivation for their most recent album, Live the Journey.

   Jason began the interview very candidly, revealing “there are those times when you wish you could just turn it off and not write songs, but that’s not the way it works.” Songwriters and artists are “wired to write songs about the things we see in life and we try to make sense of them.” 

   “When we were ready to start this record,” Jason discloses, “I was seeing things differently than I was seeing them before.” New things were unfolding in his life, changing his perspective from three and a half years ago when the band’s last record was released. “The things that I was going through when we were writing the last record which was almost four or five years ago are completely different from the phase of life I’m in right now.”

   Jason reveals: “One of the things I began to realize is that I had been so busy working for tomorrow that I was missing today—every single day. I filled my time with tasks to accomplish. If there wasn’t a task,” he explains, “I would find something to do that I thought was creating a productive environment that would pay off some day. I would tell myself, ‘Some day people will understand why I work so hard to do these things.’ What I began to realize was that I was missing the journey. I was making every day about a destination that may not ever come.”

   “I ran head first into this concept—what would it look like if I actually lived this journey? What if I chose to live today? And understand that it is a journey and not a destination. That’s where these songs started coming together. Oftentimes, the interruptions in our lives are really invitations given to us by God to grow closer to Him and see Him move” Jason concludes, “That’s where this record was born.”

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