Covenant Spotlight
Lights, camera, action! Lights, camera, action!
By Marlice Dugas      We are all too familiar with the old Hollywood saying. It is the traditional cue at the beginning of a... Lights, camera, action!

By Marlice Dugas 

    We are all too familiar with the old Hollywood saying. It is the traditional cue at the beginning of a take while in production of filming a movie. You may hear something like take one, take two, take three or even take 56. Have you ever wondered how many takes a victim of sexual assault wishes would have never been captured on the filmstrip of their minds? Only if it were that easy to begin and stop over. Only if they could demand an edit or retake. Only if…I am sure are the thoughts of a victim now finding themselves starring in the motion picture of an epic delusion that has now taken over, trying to conclude what the end will be. 

   These are statements which run through my mind quite often. I do not want to discuss statistics of how many on a daily, monthly, or maybe even yearly basis are sexually assaulted or abused. Not even how many are pulled through the dark silent nights of sexual incest, molestation, and rape. Or even those poor victims tricked into the “modern slave industry” of sex trafficking, which, by the way, happens to be a billion-dollar industry. Why? Because statistics means nothing without action. That is where we have been lacking—in action.   

   For years advocates have engaged as freedom fighters begging community leaders, government officials, advocates, law enforcement agents, educational leaders and of course faith leaders to raise the banner, educate, advocate, and take a stand for what is right in our local communities. Every day on the local news we hear of horrific acts of violence committed towards these victims. Is this not enough to stir within us the passion of Christ to step up and step out to do just a bit more.  

   We do not know, nor will we ever know how many people have actually been abused, because so many of the innocent either suffer in silence or die carrying their secret with them to their grave. If only the dead could speak. Where is the body of Christ? Where are our community leaders?  

   We are defenders of the poor. We are the light of this world. We are children of light and we do not belong to the night according to 1 Thessalonians 5:5. I like to say we are rescuers of the night. The Father commands us to “LET OUR LIGHT SHINE IN DARKNESS!” We are liberators fighting for justice through the power of mercy and truth. We cannot allow another fatality to happen as we watch on the walls of our cities and let the plight of abuse bring our community to ruins.   

   The media sheds light on these all too familiar stories constantly. With cultural shifting and times changing, it seems that child sexualization and the implications of abuse of our children is on the rise. Lawmakers are legislating polices demanding stiffer consequences for offenders. Law enforcement agents are “kicking the doors down” rounding up while bringing down big time “Johns,” and please let us not forget the ones I call “Susans.”    

   Men and women are responsible for leading the off-screen, off-headline, hidden treachery of “modern day human slavery.” We are just as guilty if we remain passive and view the situation as if we were watching a film with a nomination for an award at the Oscars. Like God told Esther, “If you remain silent, deliverance for your people will come from another place” (Esther 4:14). God always get what He wants, regardless of who He sovereignly chooses to get the assignment completed.   

   You have been chosen for this time to make a difference in the face of this blatant evil. All over the world, the cycle of sexual assault, molestation, incest, rape, and sex trafficking is breaking. We all have the power to do something. We are engaged in a spiritual war. I believe the root to it all is directly linked to John 10:10, the enemy’s purpose to steal, kill and destroy.   

   I end with a call to action. Be a part of the army rising up leading the way on the front-line championing, advocating, and rallying for change. Let the Father’s “LIGHTS” of discernment be the guide your heart needs to be radical in your decision to engage in the fight of the social and immoral injustices of human slavery, rape, sexual assault, incest, and molestation. Then allow your natural senses and your judgement to be moved with empathy to the things you have witnessed in your community and on the local news through the media’s eye, the “CAMERA.”  

   Be an agent of transformation pulling lives from the darkness guiding them through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit to safe havens of light. Then finally take “ACTION.”  Dr. Martin Luther King said, “He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.” Abuse has been brought to the Lights. We have seen it on Camera.  Here is the reality, it is time to take Action. Pray and ask the Father how you can help and start in your local community. You are needed for this time. My project “Do Tell” has led me in that direction. Stay tuned as I will keep you updated on upcoming information.  

Marlice leads the Kingdom Gathering Place, is a radio personality on the Mo’Love Show on KIEE 88.3 FM, and takes a passionate, active part in addressing human trafficking and sexual abuse. Born in Morgan City, she earned a bachelor’s degree from L.S.U. in Baton Rouge and has resided in Lafayette for thirty years.