Letters to the Church Letters to the Church
Letters to the Church

By Francis Chan

By Nick Sigur


   I am reading Francis Chan’s Letters to the Church. I am reading and re-reading and going back to take notes. I have been so impacted, I plan to get involved in a group study with this book as the focus. Chan is just one Christian leader who is concerned at how far the modern church is from what God intended. Many, if not most of us see a problem. We just don’t know how to fix it. 

   Chan points to some lost concepts that could guide us back to be the Church that God intended. There are nine chapters that could be handled in nine weeks. Buy a copy. Study it and then share it in a group or over the kitchen table. 

Departure – The strangest part about this season of my life is that my intimacy with God has been directly tied to my connection with the Church.

Sacred – We have cheapened something sacred and must repent.

The Order – It is imperative that we differentiate between what we want and what God commands.

The Gang – What if we took God’s description of the Church as a family seriously?

Servants – Only if we become servants will we experience the Holy Spirit as Jesus intended. Only then will the Church resemble the Christ we worship.

Good Shepherds – May God continue to raise up an army of good shepherds who love Him above all else and live to make the Church everything God designed it to be.

Crucified – According to Jesus, far from having no cost, following Him will cost you everything. Far from promising a better life, He warned of intense suffering.

Unleashed – This is our heritage. This is our DNA. We must stop creating safe spaces for people to hide and start developing fearless warriors to send out.

Church Again – May Your bride become attractive and powerful beyond earthly explanation. May we each become consumed with her, all for Your glory. 

Nick Sigur has practiced law and ministered with his wife out of their Broussard home for 34 years. Nick writes an almost daily blog at NickSigur.com. Email nick@nicksigur.com with your questions. 

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