Let Freedom Wing! Let Freedom Wing!
Let Freedom Wing!

Let freedom wing: the struggle brings strength

By Lew “Blue” LeMeilleur

Freedom. This month, we celebrate it. Countries fight for it. There are inmates in prison cells that have it. There are Christians in churches who don’t.

I see people struggling the same way that I have struggled in the past (and still do at times), and it breaks my heart. I want to help them. But sometimes, help looks like leaving them in their struggle. Allow me to explain.

As we watch the life cycle of a butterfly, it begins as a plain-looking creature called a caterpillar. Definitely not a prize winner in an insect beauty pageant! That plain-looking creature is us, before Christ.

Then, as we begin to understand and walk with Christ, we find ourselves enveloped in the “Chrysalis” of our past failures and shame and the hurts, habits and hang-ups we have picked up along the way.

When a caterpillar, in the middle of its transformation, is trying to escape the chrysalis, it would be easy to take a sharp object and cut that chrysalis open to “help” that caterpillar break free. The struggle to escape the chrysalis pumps blood to its wings and causes them to become strong and full.

Leaving without the necessary struggle will cause that butterfly to never turn into the beautiful creature that God designed for flight. Helping would not be helping at all, now would it? Are you feeling trapped in the middle of your transformation? Does it seem like every day is a struggle?

Well here’s the good news! John 8:36 says, “So if the Son sets you free, you are truly free” (NLT). He has opened the cell doors, but it’s up to you to walk out of them.

He has unlocked the shackles—don’t lock them back again. He has given you power to fight your way out of the past into a beautiful future and fly into the destiny God has called you to. Let freedom wing!

Blue is a parts manager in a collision shop, and a disciple at Family Life church Lafayette, Abbeville, and Celebrate recovery FLC. Blue is married to his awesome wife, Marie and together they have 2 beautiful daughters and reside in Crowley.

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