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Lessons for littles

The Omnis of God

By Emily Nealy


Is there anything cuter than little children butchering big words? Everyone loves to laugh over kid-isms. When my youngest was little she would butcher
the word “negative”—it would always come out “NEV-a-TIG.” Another of my children always struggled not to say “calapitter.”

Here’s a challenge: teach your children worldview words about the character of God. Start with these: He is omnipotent—all powerful, He is omnipresent—everywhere, He is omniscient—all knowing. Once you’ve introduced these big ideas about God, they’re very useful.

Is your child afraid of the dark? Remind them of His omnipresence. He is everywhere. This was reinforced once when I had my class memorize Isaiah 43:5 “Fear not for I am with you.” One of them stopped me and said, “Mrs. Emily, I have a funny idea! What if God could split Himself in two and be with me and with Bobby all the time?!” It was truly a lightbulb moment for this little four-year old and a great opportunity to talk more about this attribute of God.

Have you caught your child in a lie? Being reminded of His omniscience could really come in handy here. God knows. He knows everything. He knows your thoughts, your wants, your secrets, and your needs.

Does your child worry a lot? Tell them of His omnipotence—nothing is out of His control. He is never surprised. He cares about every little detail of their day, if even a hair falls from their head, He notices. He cares about every big event of their life and He is using them all for our good and His glory. These are anti-anxiety truths! We have a God who really does have the whole world in His hands and not a thing happens out of His will.

Have them say these big words, use them as tools for life, worldview shapers and faith builders. Your child is never too young.

Further Reading: The Ology: Ancient Truths Ever New, by Marty Machowski.

Emily Nealy teaches K-4 at Christ Church Academy, has four children of her own and is a REALTOR® in Acadiana. Her husband, Brandon, pastors Christ Church in Lafayette LA.

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