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Lessons for Littles: Worthy of worship Lessons for Littles: Worthy of worship
Lessons for Littles: Worthy of worship

By Emily Nealy  

   When we typically think of idolatry, most of us have an image of a little statue sitting in a corner of a room… or perhaps the latest, greatest music star. However, in the New City Catechism, it asks us “What is idolatry?” The answer is much more relevant to all of us: “Idolatry is trusting in created things, rather than the Creator for our hope and happiness, significance, and security.” 

   What does this mean? When we trust in anything or anyone other than God for our hope and happiness, significance and security, we are being idolaters.   

   You see, there is only ONE who we are to look to for hope, happiness, significance, and security. All else is idolatry. When we seek Christ for those things, our hearts respond naturally in worship, awe, and praise. We can worship him in many ways:  

  • When we gather with our church family on the Lord’s Day, we do so to learn more of Him and lift His name in honor together with other believers, locally and the world over.  
  • When we obey Him by giving our tithes and offerings, we not only act in obedience to His commands, but live out our trust in He who has given us life and breath and everything we have.        
  • In fact, obedience to any of his commands can be an act of worship.  
  • When we lift our voices in song, we worship Him explicitly by saying words of praise to his name, truths about Him and His goodness to us.    
  • When we trust Him with our anxieties, worries, fears, we are worshiping Him – acknowledging His authority and providencial goodness and care for our lives.

   So how does this practically apply to you and your child? Let them see you worship. Let them see you prioritize your finances. Let them hear you sing loud at your church service. Talk about the lyrics to popular worship songs. Discuss obedience (including their obedience to you) as a way to honor God. 

  Teach your kids about the worthiness of God alone for our worship. He is the source of all of our blessings, the only one who can fulfill all our needs. 

Teach your child these hymns: Is He Worthy, by Andrew Peterson & Chris Tomlin;

In Christ Alone, by Stuart Townsend; Immortal, Invisible, God only Wise, by Walter C. Smith. 

Emily Nealy has four children of her own, teaches K-4 at Christ Church Academy, and is a REALTOR® in Acadiana. Her husband, Brandon, pastors Christ Church in Lafayette LA.