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America's spiritual trajectory

   Is our nation drifting from God? Unfortunately, surveys over the decades reveal that more and more Americans are abandoning their faith. The result: a culture where conflict reigns and the desire to change others dwarfs the desire to change self. 

    So, how should we Christians respond in such troublesome times?  For Joe Zanco, founder of Lead the Change Now (and Home Bank’s Chief Financial Officer), the appropriate response is not to follow culture’s lead in dividing and condemning others. “If you spend hours a day consuming the ugliness of national television news, then you’re more likely to respond with the same nastiness you see on TV,” stated Zanco, “What we put into our heads and hearts is what comes out when we get squeezed.”

   Zanco contends that if we want to move Americans closer to God, we must look to Jesus’ teachings to lead the way. “Jesus was not passive in addressing sin. He didn’t turn a blind eye and hope it went away,” described Zanco, “He confronted sin with love, hope and forgiveness. That’s far more effective in attracting others to the faith than bashing folks over the head with a Bible.”

    His desire to play a role in leading our country to Christ led to the launch of his ministry, Lead the Change Now (, over five year ago. Since then, he has produced a series of bite-sized video messages focused on personal responsibility and serving others. In a nation that has become more and more divided, the messages have resonated with people of all walks of life.

   “When you place God’s truth against anything culture is selling that is inconsistent with His truth,” said Zanco, “the wisdom of God’s way becomes crystal clear no matter your political brand, social status, race or gender.” Lead the Change Now’s impactful videos have received over 400,000 views to date. 

   Zanco is also active in prison ministry having developed a financial literacy course which doesn’t focus on math. “As a banker and CPA, I’ve seen that our financial problems don’t result because we don’t know how to add and subtract numbers,” explained Zanco, “So many Americans make mistakes with money because we want what others have, even if we can’t afford it.” The course has helped many inmates make wiser financial decisions after their release. 

   Matthew 20:28 NIV, “The Son of man did not come to be served, but to serve,” is Zanco’s life verse. “It’s certainly not because I get it right all the time,” confesses Zanco, “It’s my life verse because I need the reminder.” It’s a reminder for all of us, especially in today’s culture.

   If you’ve lost hope in America or want practical guidance on dealing with the challenges we face in these times, visit You will quickly learn why so many people across the nation have been captivated by Zanco’s messages.

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