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Justice for unsolved murder victims/missing  person project Justice for unsolved murder victims/missing  person project
Justice for unsolved murder victims/missing  person project

An interview with Stephen Menard

Staff report


   Part of forgiving, dealing with grief and gaining closure for terrible chapters of life includes God using individuals like Stephen Menard, who dedicates his life’s efforts to helping families who have lost loved ones to murder find hope and answers.  

CSpotlight: What does your project do for families?

Menard: We give them courage that there is hope the predator or person who murdered someone in their family would come to justice. At the same time, we are helping them heal from the loss of a loved one that was committed by gun violence or any type of violence.

CSpotlight: What motivates you?

Menard: My years of law enforcement experience, dealing with two wonderful Sheriff’s that I have worked for…former Sheriff Romo Romero of Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office and former Charles Fuselier of St. Martin Parish Sheriff’s Office. These two men gave a lot to the community. 

   With me dealing with community, I learned more to give back—my experience, my knowledge to help people who live in communities of poverty, of poor income, and high crime drug areas. Give them back my experience and take a stand for them. And speak for them where other people wouldn’t listen to them.

   They listen to me because I’m an activist. A lot of people are scared to sit on their porch, scared to go to the grocery story, scared they are going to get robbed, a stray bullet is going to kill them, and they lock themselves in their houses after the sun goes down, because that’s when the predators come out. 

   Kids and grown-ups who run the street, thinking they own the neighborhood. And they do own the neighborhood in some areas. 

   My motivation is my friends, also, that I love and care for. Somebody has to do the job. I’m giving my time and effort back to the community. I’ve walked with pastors, members of the church, and the community to stop the violence. Somebody has to do it. If I don’t do it, who will?

   Who will take that stand against police officers? Who will take that stand against politicians? Or anyone else for the rights of these victims’ families? Who can’t really come out and say anything because they are scared of retaliation. 

   That’s how I stand. I stand with all God’s children. Black, white, purple, don’t make no difference. I’m there to stand with you and fight for you for justice, because our justice system is broken. 

CSpotlight: How do people reach you if they need your help?

They can call me on my cell phone, and can get in touch with me by Facebook. 

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