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Jesus loves you Jesus loves you
Jesus loves you

We gain freedom in God's love

By Hope L. Badeaux

To those deeply wounded in childhood, and who have ever cringed to hear “Jesus loves you,” here’s why: Everything we do as adults stems from our damaged childhood. We subconsciously see things, people, and situations through that filter of emotional pain. This unknowingly becomes the basis in which we act and respond to everything and everyone. Satan enjoys when this happens to children because it causes us to be unable to FULLY love and trust God. This lifelong emotional pain and subsequent devastation to those around us is often due to actions of earthly fathers and mothers through which God chose for us to have life.

So, in our hearts, we subconsciously believe: if God is love and my God-chosen family is an example of God’s love, I’m scared to trust Him. And when we hear “Jesus loves you,” it stings our hearts! We attempt to make sense of this irrational feeling associated with His Love. Why doesn’t it feel good to hear of Jesus’ love? We say to ourselves, “I don’t think I like the way He shows love by the family He ‘lovingly’ chose for me! They HURT me, so by default, it means You, Jesus, hurt me because You chose them for me. So, no thank You, Jesus! That’s pain, not Love! I don’t want your version of ‘love.’”

This changes when the Holy Spirit fills our hearts and we meet JESUS! He helps us understand that childhood pain exists because EVERYONE sins and causes pain to others. This includes mothers and fathers inflicting horrific pain on their precious, innocent children! As children, we were hurt by our parents’ sin and are still paying the price as adults. This is why sin is SO terrible and GOD HATES SIN! It’s pain, death, and trickles down to innocent children. We pay for the sins of others and others pay for our sins.

I did the very thing that was done to me in childhood…inflicted deep emotional pain on my precious daughters. The devil does EVERYTHING in his power to keep us from understanding the love of God because once we know this truth, we gain FREEDOM in God’s love and can operate in that freedom by feeling a love we’ve never known and want EVERYONE to have!

It took 40 years before I was able to understand how Satan had twisted the TRUTH of God’s love. JESUS’ LOVE is the ONLY way our childhood wounds are healed, and He doesn’t stop there! He begins healing those we’ve hurt because of pain we experienced. If this is able to help you by sparing you one second of pain and helps you find freedom in the love of Jesus, my pain will have served a purpose.


Hope is mother to three beautiful daughters, full time caregiver to her aging father, and resides in Lafayette. She attends Henderson Bible Church, and since 2014 she has joyfully shared her freedom in Christ from debilitating depression, found only in a relationship with Jesus Christ.

**PUBLISHER’S NOTE & CORRECTION: Covenant Spotlight takes care to try to make certain each of our writers or featured testimonies are free from mistakes, both online and in print, as each one is very important to us. Unfortunately, we don’t always catch discrepancies and errors. We apologize that Hope’s last name was noted in print incorrectly as “Comeaux” rather than “Badeaux,” in the writer byline, and we thank Hope for her grace and understanding.

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