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Interview with Valerie Gotch Garrett Interview with Valerie Gotch Garrett
Interview with Valerie Gotch Garrett

Candidate for 15th Judicial District Court Judge, Division B

CSpotlight: What fuels your desire to take a seat on the other side of the bench? 

Garrett:  It is my time to serve my community in this capacity. As an advocate for children, our families, and throughout our state, I’ve served as attorney for 26 years helping the majority of the families who could not afford an attorney. I have experienced being voiceless and sometimes not being seen or valued because of the color of my skin or my gender. It is my faith, love for people and maturity to be able to work with others to affect change and hope.

   “E pluribus unum”—out of many, there is one. Many may run for this seat, but I am called to it. It is what propels me to want to see positive changes happen in our administration of justice, and to work for true rehabilitation and mental health.

CSpotlight: How does faith play a role in your candidacy? 

Garrett:  My faith, my family and then the law—in that order of importance, are my heart! By seeking to see those who make terrible decisions gain their self-worth, dignity and respect from the bench, it tends to draw them to see themselves in a more positive way. This can open the door to receiving a higher power in their lives and to being truly rehabilitated. Additionally, upholding the rule of law and seeing that justice and fairness prevail for all involved—that is all guided by biblical principles and that comes first. My ties to my church and my community are the whole reason I’m taking the next step I believe He’s leading me to in running for this position. 

CSpotlight: What can Acadiana can expect from you if they come before your bench?

Garrett:  Fairness and justice. Integrity in every decision and compassion for those facing challenges, backed by years of experience in pro bono work, family law, criminal defense, personal injury cases and appellate work. I realize those who come before me could just as easily be someone I love—someone in my family—and because of that each person deserves the best I have to offer. 

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