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Interview with Sam Collier Interview with Sam Collier
Interview with Sam Collier

Author of A Greater Story

    In his story of adversity and triumph, Sam Collier, an Atlanta-based pastor, writer, speaker, and host of his own TV and radio shows, shares deeply personal accounts of reuniting with his birth mother and siblings, racism in the south, the music industry, church scandals and more. Through it all, his life story, shared with CSM in this interview, exemplifies God’s ability to give us purpose and joy in a life that looks nothing like we expected.   

CSpotlight:  In this story of God’s impact in your life, what have the trials and experiences taught you about purpose? 

Sam:  The trials in my life have taught me that God uses everything, good and bad, to create the pathway forward into your purpose. Every element in the journey is designed to develop you so you can be equipped with every tool that you need to go the distance.

CSpotlight:  Our community here has a large number of children waiting to be adopted and featured in our monthly adoption spotlight—what encouragement can you share for those who may feel abandoned or alone? 

Sam:  If you feel abandoned or alone, I want you to know that God has already accepted you and therefore you will never be abandoned. If you lean on God, He will always fill any holes in your heart. He will always comfort you when you feel alone. He will direct your path appropriately for you to fulfill the purpose that He has designed for you. 

   Question is, are you waiting on a specific type of acceptance, or are you willing to accept the acceptance through a person that may be unexpected? So, embrace the ones that are already in your life that have accepted you instead of waiting on individuals that have not come.  

CSpotlight: The enemy and culture seek to divide and destroy—how does God show up in these struggles and reveal His plan? 

Sam:  First scripture that comes to mind is James 1:4 which says, “And let endurance have its perfect result, so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.” What’s powerful about this is, it illustrates a strategy that God uses to perfect us, develop us and make us the best version of who He’s created us to be. The usage of “endurance” is an interesting choice because it implies that God actually needs us to practice endurance to become our best selves. Therefore, you cannot grow without adversity.   

   While I do not believe God creates darkness in our lives, nor do I believe He’s the author of darkness. However, I do believe that He uses it to shape us, so we count it all joy when we go through trials of many kinds because we know that the trials are making us better. Yes—they’re hard in the moment but with the help of the Holy Spirit, we have the strength and endurance to make it through. On the other side of our pain, we have purpose.

CSpotlight: Your book debuts this month—where can our readers learn more and grab a copy?

Sam:  I’m so excited for everyone to read A Greater Story! You can find it wherever books are sold. Check out to learn more. You can find me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @samcollier.

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