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Interview with Justin Batt Interview with Justin Batt
Interview with Justin Batt

Founder of Daddy Saturday

    CSM was blessed to interview founder of Daddy Saturday, author, TEDx Speaker, OCR Athlete and Healthcare Innovator, Justin Batt, about his passion and plans to impact 10 million fathers in 10 years. 

CSpotlight:  A backyard project gone global—what sparked this project for fathers?

Justin: I was asked to do a TEDx about two years ago and learned about the epidemic of fatherlessness in the U.S. and abroad. I felt called to reignite fathers and reconnect them to their children and decided to take what I learned from my experience with my own four kids in my backyard and create a movement to help others do the same. 

   I’ve been so fortunate to connect with some other incredible fathers along the way like Kenneth Braswell of Fathers Inc. and Dan Flanagan of Dad La Soul, and we found so many synergies and a similar passion to help fathers that it only made sense to pull together an international event to start a global movement of change for fathers and their children. 

   Hence, Dadifesto was born as an event to connect fathers and their kids around the globe on Father’s Day 2020, and as a way of lightening the burden of the current economic crisis. The plan is to continue hosting global Dadifesto events to bring different cultures, races, and nations together around one simple ideal…being an intentional and engaged father.

CSpotlight:  What impact on families and children have you seen with your work so far?

Justin: If we could only bottle up and quantify the epic memories we’ve helped fathers create with their children! I have so many success stories of fathers choosing to implement the principles of Daddy Saturday by being intentional and present with their kids. One of my favorites is a father who was suicidal, out of work, about to lose his marriage and had no relationship with his children. His oldest daughter is going off to college next year and he desperately wanted to make the most of the little time he has left with her and to have a relationship for the future. 

   We discussed taking her on a daddy/daughter date night to start the healing process and open lines of communication. Although it was uncomfortable, he took the bold step to ask and she accepted, and the result was a starting point of restoration for their relationship. She also agreed to go on date nights once a month until she leaves for college. It gives me chills thinking about it…

CSpotlight: How can our readers reach you or grab your book to read and share?

Justin: We’ve created an omni-channel platform to reach as many fathers as possible, through as many channels as possible. The website is the hub for all of our resources and Daddy Saturday is on all social media. 

   If people are looking for a course to unlock the unlimited potential inside of their kids, they can learn more at Finally, you can find me on LinkedIn at

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