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Interview: Beyonka Heine-Owner, Divine Treasures Development Center Interview: Beyonka Heine-Owner, Divine Treasures Development Center
Interview: Beyonka Heine-Owner, Divine Treasures Development Center

   CSpotlight: With an obvious passion for children and their futures, how have you translated your own life experiences into investing into the lives of our future generations? 

   Beyonka: I have always been passionate about children and filled with much joy when caring for them. God tells us to let the little children come to him (Matt. 19:10). Therefore, my husband and I decided to leap out on faith and open a childcare center. The Bible tells us to commit our works to the Lord, and our thoughts shall be established (Prov. 16:3). Therefore, the name of the center, Divine Treasures Development Center, was created after the Lord 

   As a teen mother with a son that was diagnosed with a speech delay, made me realize that there is more to development than just exclusively loving children. So, I have gone through various trainings and certifications to make sure I understand the needs of the children who attend my center. I have a Child Care Provider Diploma w/ Honors, Associate Degree, and Bachelor’s Degree in Child and Family Studies.  

    CSpotlight: Your facility is far more than a standard daycare—what makes your programs so unique?  

   Beyonka: After reading many studies throughout school, I realize that quality childcare is lacking in African American communities and there was a need of quality childcare. My center is a 4-star out of 5 center and on Louisiana’s Birth to Three Honor after being open for only 4 years.  

   My center is unique because I understand each family structure looks different and will require unique needs. The Bible tells us it is our job to teach our children’s God Word (Deu. 6:7) so my center does a monthly bible scripture and read daily devotionals. This generation is raised in an era where everything evolves around technology. All classrooms are equipped with some form of technology to help the teachers provide the best quality experience for the children that are enrolled in our center. But, the most unique thing about our center is that each child is loved and cared for as if they are our own children. 

“We enrolled our children at Divine Treasures after researching over 5 childcare programs. The process of elimination began the moment we walked into Divine Treasures. My family visit was amazing, and all the teachers were very welcoming. Mrs. Bee was God-sent; she assured us that our children would be okay, and that we could call her anytime to see how they were doing, and she meant it. Anytime I called, she would personally go into the classroom and check on them to give me a report. That extra bit of information she gave us, let us know we made the right decision on choosing Divine Treasures. The teachers and Mrs. Bee look at each child as an individual with their own strength and needs. Thank you, DVT for an incredible early childhood curriculum and experience.” – L. Broussard