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By Nick Sigur

For the past few months I have been visiting churches. It’s been a great experience I plan to continue in the future. I hope the information I gather is helpful. You can learn something about a church on a one-time visit. But it really takes time to know if it’s where God wants you.

This month I decided to pull back and reflect on my home church. I am a member of Amana Christian Fellowship in Maurice. Several years ago friends who were attending Amana pestered us to visit. We finally attended just to shut them up. When my wife and I walked in the door we felt the presence and love of Jesus and it’s been our home church ever since. The friends got disconnected and moved on to search for another church. I guess I can understand that. It takes us thirty minutes to drive to church each Sunday. We pass a lot of good churches on the way. Many of the churches I visited have better facilities, sermons or music than Amana. We stay at Amana because we love and are connected to the people and they help us stay connected to Jesus.

Connection with Jesus is what it’s all about. At Amana the pulpit has the word “Jesus” on it in block letters. I built the pulpit for a small church I pastored several years ago. I wasn’t a great or experienced pastor and wanted to make sure that “Jesus” was up front every Sunday. He is at Amana.

Summer is wrapping up and the kids are headed back to school. It’s a time for fresh starts. Why not make sure that you are connected to a group of folks who love Jesus and live to keep you connected to him.

Amana meets at 10 a.m. on Sundays. We have a great kids program. Our pastor, Jason Miller, is young and energetic and a great teacher. The church is located at 310 Milton Road, in Maurice. You could find a home there if you live in south Lafayette or north Vermilion. You can call the church at (337) 893-5728 or visit the website, http://www.amanacf.org/.

Nick Sigur has practiced law and ministered with his wife out of their Broussard home for 34 years. Nick writes an almost daily blog at NickSigur.com. Email nick@nicksigur.com or text 337-205-2353 with your questions. 

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