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His Prized Possession His Prized Possession
His Prized Possession

Building a life of purity

   When Ngozi met State Representative, Julie Stokes at a gala last spring, it began a series of breakthroughs that continue to change the hearts and lives of a misguided generation.

The proposal

Ngozi approached the congresswoman about recognizing a day to celebrate the chaste lifestyle and to promote the rich rewards of living it. In her proposal Ngozi states, “The saying goes, ‘What you recognize grows’…we have not seen substantial growth in the potential of chastity being valued in this generation because it is no longer given recognition.” Her proposal was accepted and on May 31, 2016, “Abstinence Day” was proclaimed and adopted in the State of Louisiana.

The play

It’s no secret that extramarital sex can bring about maladies not just for the couple but for the community as a whole. Unplanned pregnancies, abortions, and sexually transmitted diseases are just some of the consequences that can undermine the moral and financial fibers of society. However, the message behind Ngozi’s play, “The Truth About Chastity” as well as the Abstinence Day resolution is not one of condemnation but forgiveness and an opportunity to live a better life. “This is by no means a campaign to discredit or condemn anyone who has not embraced this lifestyle. Rather, it is an invitation to all to see value in preserving ones’ sexual purity, and an encouragement to society to set aside this day to celebrate and honor those who do,” Ngozi wrote in her proposal.

Moving forward, Ngozi says, “My goal is to get churches and the community together and maybe have purity balls, seminars, or just events to recognize and celebrate Abstinence Day every year. I also want to work towards getting this day recognized on a national level.”

His prized possession

In addition to her play and the Abstinence Day proclamation, Ngozi recently published a woman’s devotional book entitled, “His Prized Possession: a 21-day journal of intimate conversations with God.” “This devotional journal is designed to serve as a guide to help readers find their way into that secret place with God; the place where it is all about Him and we learn to seek Him until we find Him and hear His voice clearly. It is the place where we come to know Him, and eventually ourselves, as He shows us who He truly made us to be,” Ngozi stated.

His Prized Possession is available for purchase at and

Ngozi is the author and producer of the play “The Truth About Chastity” and also responsible for the newly adopted “Abstinence Day” recognized in the state of LA on May 31, 2016. She currently resides in Lafayette, Louisiana and loves to travel and share the love and joy of God.


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