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Help send school buses of hope to rural Liberia, Africa! Help send school buses of hope to rural Liberia, Africa!
Help send school buses of hope to rural Liberia, Africa!

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By Eric Wowoh


   As Founder and Executive Director of Change Agent Network (CAN), I begin every day with renewed energy and enthusiasm for my commitment to the transformation of Liberia through education, mentorship, sustainable development and the Hope of the Gospel. I am convinced that this can be achieved!

   CAN has made remarkable progress since its early days. We have built 14 schools in six Liberian counties, are now educating over 3,000 underserved and vulnerable Liberian children and have graduated more than 2,000 students. With the help of our Global Partners and the generosity of our donors, CAN is taking steps to shatter the cycle of poverty. And every step we take is a critical one.

   We currently have an urgent need to raise $42,000 to ship six much-needed school buses to Liberia to transport rural Liberian children to school this September.

   One of our generous supporters Don Mendoza of Dons Wholesale in Lafayette, Louisiana has donated six school buses so that struggling students living in poverty-stricken, rural Liberian communities can travel to and from school. These six buses will serve about 900 students daily—300 students per school with two busses assigned to each school. 

Why these school buses are so important

• Over 90.9% of our students walk to school every day, some of them spending up to three hours to reach school and return home. Students who do take public transport, spend about $2.00 US per day—a high fee considering that minimum wage in Liberia is a $100.00 US Dollars per month. 

• Over 85% of Liberians are unemployed, and parents pay for their children’s education through manor agriculture activities and small business with very little profit. Liberia is in the midst of an economic freefall, with prices skyrocketing due to unchecked inflation. Hundreds of government and private employees have not received a paycheck for at least two to three months, and there are absolutely no financial resources set aside for school buses.

• In addition, during the six months of rainfall in Liberia, students’ backpacks, school uniforms and shoes are routinely damaged during the long walks to school and back. Buses will solve that problem, but more importantly, they will offer safe transport for our female students who are often at risk of being raped as they walk the miles between their homes and school, often after dark and on isolated shortcuts to their homes.

   Your donation is desperately needed so that our efforts to preserve educational opportunities for Liberian children is not in jeopardy! Without education as a priority, Liberia’s future is bleak.

   You can either make a donation online at or by a check made payable to Change Agent Network and sent to: 10000 N Central Expwy, Dallas, TX 75231. In the memo section, simply write “school bus shipment.” 

Corporate Sponsorships also welcome

   If you are a business owner or work for a business that supports worthy causes like ours, please consider a corporate sponsorship. Your sponsorship gift is tax deductible, and we will show our appreciation by acknowledging your support publicly on our website and social media platforms! Depending on the amount, we are open to other forms of recognition as well, such as press releases and signage on our buses.

   If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to call us at 469-418-5663 or email us
We are grateful for any amount and look forward to both your support and your involvement!

Sincerely yours,

Eric Willise Wowoh, Founder/Executive Director                                                                    

Change Agent Network


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